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Do you dream in/on food? [moved from General Topics]

Is there something about chocolate and/or alcohol (or some other food) before bed that makes dreamland come alive for you?

I had a series of bizarre, but wonderful, food-related dreams last night. I was revising menu pages from my uncle's (now closed) restaurant and distinctly recall writing "clams casino" (had to be from alkapal's thread about bacon yesterday!). The last thing I remembered was being served homemade sfogliatelle by my (imaginary) new romance's staff of cooks (!) and saying, "This is how royalty lives!" Then I woke up.

Earlier in the night, a giant pig came up onto my deck to eat my cat's food and I had to yell and shoo him away. Bizarre.

When I called my mom about it this morning, she asked, "Did you eat chocolate before you went to bed?" Yup. Very rich chocolate cake with Bailey's/Jameson's frosting (the car bomb cake we've seen on the boards). I don't drink tequila frequently, but I've been known to have really vivid, out-there dreams on it when I do. How about you?

P.S. I can count on one hand the number of times I've eaten sfogliatelle. I just think they're beautiful. Weird.

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  1. I can no longer drink alot of beer. I have horrible dreams, the kind that make you wake up and scream. This started a couple of years ago, liquor or wine no problems.

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      not being able to drink a lot of beer IS that horrible dream for me!!!:-)

    2. I haven't noticed that what I have ingested changes my dreams, but I do know that I dream about food all the time. Procuring it, cooking it...perhaps just an extension of my real world. Which is, I have to say a little unfair...I'd like a nice beach scene with waiters!

      But I often wake up with a new idea for dinner, with something my sleeping self has devised, and it's a little creative kick in the pants.

      But man, it makes you hungry in the morning!


      1. Particular foods don't make me have weird dreams, but I do dream about food all the time- especially cake [and it's not like I deny myself it in my waking life]. Two nights ago I had a dream with some random plot and in the dream there was a huge banquet of cakes and desserts laid out in the scene; it was total food porn! But the funny thing was that it had nothing to do with the main point of the dream- yet my point of view in the dream moved towards this sweet table [like a camera does in a movie for close-ups].. it lingered there awhile and then went on to the "A" game! Considering I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about food [especially during my commute or when bored at work], this doesn't surprise me...

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          What a wonderful dream--a banquet of cakes and desserts! I sometimes think, why not just do appetizers, skip over the main course and head straight for dessert? :)

        2. mole negro gives you really weird dreams if you eat it too late at night. its really trippy. i don't know why.

          1. #1- katty, you have hurt me deeply posting pictures of my loved ones. I wish I was there...
            #2- yes- I dream food, and my dreams are vivid and epic in nature.
            Now last night I drank a bottle (minus one goblet) of red and ate a few of those Perugina candies (only 2, 3 would have caused guilt) and I had ODD dreams of sauerkraut recipes (I was testing them to win a million dollars) and woke up starving. And I don't think I've ever made my own sauerkraut-ever! But for dinner last night I did add shredded cabbage to the pot with my sesame noodles...

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              Boccone Dolce,
              That is too funny! Try the reuben soup recipe on the soup thread if you're still feeling inspired by sauerkraut. I hacked a great recipe from allrecipes and we all loved it. Just finished the last cup yesterday.


              Sweet dreams and may you win a million dollars!

            2. Whenever I get a sore throat I dream about hot fudge sundaes! I haven't been on a strict diet in quite awhile but I remember dieting would bring on the indulgent food dreams.

              1. There doesn't seem to be anything specific that triggers food dreams. It does turn up in my dreams pretty often, but not in a food porn way. Last night I had one about finding my favorite donuts on a roller coaster in Kuala Lumpur. A few days before that I dreamt about having a jellybean stuck up my nose.

                1. I don't dream about food very often, but DH and I remember having incredibly vivid dreams a couple of nights ago when we had dinner very late. We both felt a bit like crap the next morning. And my dreams were about bikram yoga!

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                    Oh, yuck, I hope you didn't wake up soaking wet, too (re bikram). I could pass out just THINKING about doing that. How thoroughly not restful! I do agree eating late seems to factor into strange/vivid dreams.

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                      No sweat in the bed, thank goodness. Yeah, I felt soooo UNRESTED when I got up in the morning. I was torturing myself in my dreams. I wasn't taking just one class but THREE! Why couldn't I have been dreaming about eating a piece of blackout cake? : )

                  2. I just saw this thread this morning, coincidentally after I had just had a very long involved food-related dream. I dreamed I was a contestant on Hell's Kitchen -- Gordon Ramsey and everything. Very involved with the food, various contestants, alcohol in the dorm rooms. The interesting thing about the dream, was I woke up about 3 a.m. in mid-dream. Let the dog out, went back to bed and the dream picked back up and continued on. (By the way, I didn't win, but came in third place.) Apparently the prize was a position in a London restaurant. I don't recall eating anything unusual for dinner the night before, although I did watch "The Chopping Block" and went to bed immediately afterwards.

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                      That's hysterical--you had a commercial break in your dream, sponsored by...your dog. ;) Sorry you didn't win, but hey, third place is nothing to sneeze at! Yes, Chef!

                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        LOL.... It is funny how detailed the dream became. When we were down to 3, Gordon came to me and told me I could not win because I didn't understand "London politics" so for some unknown reason there was a library nearby and I went and checked out all these books on London governmental structures and was reading them.
                        I'd like to say I'm kidding... but I am not. I remember both the talk and the library part of the dream in good detail