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Mar 20, 2009 07:04 AM

Mexican place on Coney Island Ave.?

I'm blanking on the name of that Mexican place Coney Island Ave., around Ditmas Park I think. Does anyone know the name?

I used to hear that it was good (from my Mexico City friend), and then she said it went downhill.... But now it has been takevover by new owners/management, and now the food is great again. I can't reach my friend at the moment, though, so if anyone knows the name, please post. TIA.

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  1. Do you mean Tacos del Rey near Brighton?

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      Brighton Beach? No, it's not down that far.... I think it may be in the Windsor Terrace/Ditmas Park range.

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        Are you talking about that big Los Mariachis place? I dont know more than the name.

    2. I think you must be referring to Los Mariachis. We used to like it many years ago (like 10!), but then it did get pretty bad and we haven't been in years. It would be great if it has improved--report back if you go!

      1. the cinco de mayo folks took over a place on CIA, forgot the name - this would be near Cortelyou. I would recommend it based on the cinco experiences

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          Yes, CINCO DE MAYO, that's it!

          I've been told that it is a simple, unassuming place, with some good tortas, sopes, steak with chipotle sauce, etc. Also has drinks like horchata, tamarindo, various aquas frescas and Jarritos. I will report back after I go there. Also, if anyone else has already been there, please pipe in with your opinions.

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            The original Cinco de Mayo is on Cortelyou Rd, a little east of CIA. It's not bad, but the tacos I've had there have been a little dry and less flavorful than I've gotten nearby at Torteria del Valle (see below) or on 5th Ave in Sunset Park. Maybe things have gotten better there. Any recent opinions? And anyone been to the new Cinco de Mayo #2 yet (the new location fkerm mentioned above)? I only just noticed the new sign a few weeks ago.

        2. There are a number of Mexican restaurants on Coney Island Ave between Church and Ditmas Ave. Los Mariachis is probably the most sit-down oriented place, but I've never been there (because of lukewarm opinions expressed on this board). My favorite Mexican place on C.I.A. is a hole-in-the-wall just north of Cortelyou Rd, called Torteria del Valle. Very tasty tortas. I've had the chorizo con huevo and the milanesa (I particularly like the moist, savory blend of the former). Pretty good tacos, too (I like the pork varieties), carefully made to order with fresh ingredients every time I've been there. I think they have huaraches, too, but I haven't tried them yet. It's a tiny place; you can order out or there a few stools and a table.

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            ahh okay I've seen Cinco de Mayo...perhaps we'll check it out soon. I guess we'll still stay away from Los Mariachis as it was pretty mediocre last few times we'd gone (many years ago now.)