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Mar 20, 2009 07:01 AM

Lucca,surrounding towns

My husband and I are going to be staying in Lucca for a couple weeks in April. Any suggestions for good places to eat in town. I will have a car as well so any suggestions outside of Lucca are welcome as well. Also, we are looking into taking a cooking class. Has anyone had any good experiences with this? We would probably want to have the person come to our apartment. Thanks!

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  1. Lucca is a wonderful base for a vacation. Do a "Search this board" search for Lucca and you will find a number of prior posts with many helpful recommendations.

    Buca da San Antonio is highly regarded for dinner and Trattoria da Leo is a good casual spot for lunch.

    Be sure to take a drive north up the Serchio River valley one day to visit towns such as Bagni de Lucca, Borgo a Manzo, Barga and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. It is a very scenic area that is well off the usual tourist path.

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      We had a wonderful meal at Ristorante La Mora, just north of Lucca on the very windy Garfagagna road:

      Also second the recommendation for Buca da San Antonio.

    2. You should take the train 20 minutes to ViaReggio, a beautiful town right on the sea with lovely restaurants.