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Mar 20, 2009 06:53 AM

Muscoot Inn pizza any good?

Does the Muscoot Inn (RTS 35 & 100 in Somers) have good pizza? I'm looking to take out pizza tonight and I'll be in that area.

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  1. I haven't been there in a while & I never had the pizza there, but I don't think it was particularly known for it. I don't recall seeing any take-out business when I was there. When I lived nearby, there were actual pizzerias in the area, so I'd probably go with one of those over the Muscoot Inn. There was a pizzeria in Golden's Bridge that I recall being pretty good and has gotten good reviews on this board.

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      It's called Portofino,however it's only good if you happen to like big slices. They're big, not very good.

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        Thanks. Any places you would recommend in that area? (In the direction of Somers)

        1. re: queenregina

          I also heard Pizza Station in Katonah is good. Also,Il Forno in Somers

    2. In Katonah the Pizza Station is very good

      1. Thanks for the replies. Here's the update on my experience:

        I left Stamford around 5:15PM on Friday and we were in a time crunch. Since Katonah and the other places were a bit out of the way, I ended up taking my chances on Muscoot pizza to save time. We thought, how bad could it be? My husband ran inside to pick up the pizza and said the place looked like a dump. (We knew that going into this though.) The clientele matched the decor, IYKWIM. Well, we made a Bad, Bad decision. Bad with a capital B. The pizza was HORRIBLE. It tasted like cardboard. How could they mess up pizza so badly? Only my 19 mo. old son ate his piece without complaints.

        Next time, I will definitely go to Katonah Pizza station or Il Forno (I remember Il Forno had good food last time I went there which was several years ago).

        The question is, with such a prime location, we wondered why they don't fix up that place? Is there a reason they don't? Zoning perhaps? Or maybe the quality of the food just doesn't warrant it?

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          Someone just told me they had a good steak there, but I really can't believe that!

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            back in the day (30 to 35 years ago) we'd spend most of the night at the somerstown tavern (also known as mac & ernies or hades) which was on the corner across rte 35 from muscoot and then stagger across 35 to muscoot for was a dump then but the pizza was good!

          2. The Muscoot can be a cozy spot for a frigid winter night but that's about it. The food there never really impressed me, and after the change of ownership, the only thing worthwhile getting was the mussels. IIRC the owner is Thai. So, just like Jerry advising Babu, why don't they try changing the menu to all Thai? Would make sense to me, especially if all else they produce sucks. The menu should mirror the strenght(s) of the owners and chefs. JMO.

            Babu -->

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              As a side note, if your ever in the area The Muscoot Restaurant North in Hopewell Junction right off the Taconic makes FABULOUS pizza. My favorite in the area, hands down (Especially the shrimp & garlic...yum!). Their linguine with clam sauce is also amazing.

              Overall its just a great under-rated spot. A true family restaurant where everybody knows your name and lots of regular diners have been going for years.

              IMHO, it doesn't get the credit it deserves, and probably doesn't get as much business as it should because of the awkward location on Taconic North. But its highly recommended!


              1. re: kforkelly

                I have passed that place many times on the way upstate to visit family. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it one of these days.

              2. re: Cheese Boy

                That's a good idea. That area really needs a Thai place, IMO.