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Mar 20, 2009 06:50 AM

Repairing a knife handle

My ancient Victorinox knife has finally decided to discard its handle. Any idea how I can re-rivet it.

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  1. That's a tough one! To do it right, you'd probably be unable to repair it yourself... not saying that I could either. Try asking around the restaurants for a local knife sharpener that might have some experience in repairs. Other than that, depending on how ancient it actually is, it might be time to look for a new knife.

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      The blade is perfect - but I guess you're right.

    2. A Google search will turn up any number of custom knife makers who I'm sure could do the work. Whether they'd be willing to take time away from their primary business, and if so whether the price would make sense is another question however.

      1. for the price of repairing it, you can probably get a new one. the fibrox handles are nice too. forschners are among my favorite knives

        1. I'd contact Victorinox about getting it repaired. Even if it's not covered under their warranty, I'll bet they can replace it for you.

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            lee valley tools, ask an associate for help

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              Forget Victorinox....I had a watchband link from a Swiss Army watch break and they wouldn't give me a replacement.

            2. Look on the internet sites for suppliers for knifemaking. Or, contact a local knifemaker. There are screw-together alternatives for rivets like:
              If you are up to drilling the handle pieces you could do it yourself. You will need to order the drill listed below the hardware.
              They also sell rivets, but you will need a setting tool to flare the rivets.