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Mar 20, 2009 06:38 AM

What to Bring to a "Pot Luck" Lunch?

Normally I wouldn't have any problem coming up with an idea for a dish to bring to a pot luck lunch. But there's a restriction in that we're trying to avoid using foods in the nightshade family. That includes tomatoes, peppers of any type, white potatoes and eggplant. I've got a couple of ideas, but I'm hoping for inspiration here. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a portable dish? It's okay if it needs to be reheated or kept chilled until serving time. Thanks!

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  1. Meat or vegetable? Main or dessert? Other restrictions? Number of people?

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    1. re: alwayscooking

      At this point it can be for any course. No other restrictions. Eight people.

      1. re: CindyJ

        Chicken adobo - holds/reheats well
        Roast chicken - hot or cold
        Wild rice with cranberries, apples and walnuts
        Chicken satay
        Lobster mac and cheese
        Asian chicken meatballs
        Dim sum
        Cous cous salad
        An elegant green salad and an herb vinaiarette - add some shrimp/chicken
        Modified waldorf salad - pears, walnuts, celery in fage

        What are the others bringing?

    2. I made a millet casserole with butternut squash. I think it meets your requirements- millet, butternut squash, dried cranberries, thyme, and chicken broth (I used no-chicken). It can be cooked most of the way and then finished off in the host's oven.

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        This sounds delicious. I've eaten, but never cooked millet. Ca you give me a little more info about the prep. for this dish?

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          Sure! I found the recipe online but I'm not sure where exactly. It was really easy to prepare and my husband's famiy loved it. Everyone took leftovers for lunch the next day and said it tasted great room temp.

          Spread about 3/4 cup uncooked millet in a casserole dish- you can toast it with a bit of olive oil in a skillet if you want. I used a deep white ceramic dish- about 9x13.

          Peel and cut a large butternut squash into chunks and put that on top of the millet. Add a few handfuls of dried cranberries. On top of that set a few sprigs of fresh thyme- remove before serving.

          When you're ready to cook it, add about two cups of broth- used "no chicken." Bake at 375 or 400 (depends if anything else is in the oven) for about 45 minutes. Take out the casserole, sprinkle a handful or two of shelled sunflower seeds over the top. If it looks dry or there's not much liquid left, add more broth. Cook for about 15 or 20 more minutes, until the squash is soft. Total, I used about the whole container of broth.

          If you're making it for the potluck- prepare it up until adding the sunflower seeds. At the host's home, add the seeds and more broth, and bake until reheated and cooked through.

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            That sounds delicious, and oh-so-healthy! Thanks!

      2. Dried Cherry Orzo salad with fresh basil, mozzerella and you can leave the grape tomatoes out and use mushrooms. Balsamic Vinegar and Oilve Oil and pinon nuts. It is a room temperature or cold salad. Good either way.

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          These ideas are all getting me hungry. Pinon nuts -- is that the same as pine nuts?

          1. re: CindyJ

            yes mam, or use any nut that you like.

        2. Broccoli and pasta. When I was a kid, my mom made it as broccoli and elbows, but choose your shape. Steam broccoli separately, saute garlic & oil, add butter and grated cheese (pecorino or your cheese of choice) on top. The trick is to save a little of the pasta water and add back to the broccoli, garlic/oil and cooked pasta as a whole. Often even better on reheat than initial serving, so it'd be great to make ahead and enjoy the extra deliciousness at the pot luck. HA! That's my first time to use the big D word in a sentence. ;)

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            Kattyeyes-- would this have to be baked after it's prepared?

            1. re: CindyJ

              Hiya! Nope, just heated up. We've never baked it.

          2. Quiche! Beautiful high springform made quiche. Bacon or proscuitto, grilled leeks, mushrooms, aspargus, different to die for cheeses like-creamy fontina, cheddar, and monterey, and much much more. A very spectacular and beautiful quiche.
            Keep it in the springform pan, then place it on a cake pedestal under glass. Very nice.