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Mar 20, 2009 06:36 AM

Miele Guide 2009-2010

I'll just comment on the HK-Macau shortlist:

Hong Kong Old Restaurant - best in HK
Kiangsu and Chekiang Residents Association - best in HK
Tin Heung Lau - best in asia
Yellow Door Kitchen - crap.

BO Innovation - best in HK
Dynastry - best in HK
Fook Lam Moon - best in asia
Island Tang - have not tried
Lei Gardens - best in hk
Lung King Heen - best in asia
Man Wah - have not tried
Maxim's Palace - good but not great
One Harbour Raod - have not tried
Rainbow Seafood Restaurant - crap.
Shang Palace - best in asia
Spring Moon - best in asia
T'Ang Court - best in asia
Tai Wing Wah - best in HK
Victoria City Seafood - best in HK
Yin Yang - best in asia
You Zhu Tang - have not tried
Yung Kee - best in HK

Amber - best in asia
Amigo - crap
Caprice - best in asia
Cepage - best in hk
Gaddi's - best in hk
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - best in asia
M at the Fringe - good but not great
One-Thirty one - good but not great
Pierre - best in hk
Petrus - good but not great
Maison 1882 - have not tried

Aspasia - best in HK
Da Domenico - best in asia
Grissini - good but not great
Domani - crap.
Lanciano Restorante - crap.

BLT Steak - best in HK
Dakota Prime - best in HK
Mandarin Grill - best in asia
The Steakhouse - best in asia
Waygu - good but not great

Other Europeans
D17 - good but not great
Kee Club - best in HK
Sevva - good but not great
The Black Sheep - crap
The Krug Room - best in HK
The Pawn - best in asia
The Verandah - good but not great
Uno Mas - crap

Iroha - best in HK
Kenjo - best in HK
Nobu - best in HK
Oedo - crap.
Sushi Toku - best in HK
Sushi Kuu - crap.

Litoral - best in macau
Locanda - have not tried
Riquexo - have not tried
Robuchon A Galera - best in asia

The Press Room - Brasserie, with Classified's cheese
Tak Lung - Traditional Cantonese
Ming Kee @ Po Toi Island - Seafood
Lin Heung Lao & Luk Yu - Traditional Dim Sum
Kimberly - Suckling Pig

I don't think HK's regional Chinese offerings can be as good as that served in actual respective regions, likewise, it doesn't make sense for HK to have a best japanese in asia. What we do have are excellent French & Cantonese (duh); so my 10 votes go to:

The Press Room
Robuchon a Galera
Tak Lung
Ming Kee
Lin Heung Lao
Fook Lum Moon
Ying Yang
Lung King Heen

3 French, 7 Cantonese....20 votes would be more representative

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  1. "BO Innovation - best in HK"

    Is there any other restaurant in Asia like BO ? I don't know, just wondering ... I like the food there.

    It is weird there is no Forum (Ah Yat) being mentioned in the list. I would like to vote for Amber.

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    1. re: skylineR33

      hey skyline

      because their molecular skills aren't that cutting edge, they don't even sous vide their meat...

      1. re: Sher.eats

        I see thanks. You probably know a lots more than me on that. It just that they mix in the idea of cantonese and other chinese cuisine element into molecular and fusion, it is kind of interesting and fun. But obviously not all the dishes at BO work out well.

        1. re: skylineR33

          best in asia would mean BO is on par with the molecular bar in tokyo / krug room

          1. re: Sher.eats

            Michelin gave 2 stars to BO, 1 star to Tapas Molecular Bar in Tokyo, and none to Krug Room, so Michelin rated BO is the best in Tokyo/HK/Macau region. I don't know, I have not tried any of them.

    2. Certainly, many of my favorites are missing on their restaurants list. For the dining scene in Hong Kong/Macau, I think these are qualified to be added to their shortlist:

      Tim's Kitchen Macau
      Old Neptune Macau
      Imperial Court Macau
      Canton Macau
      Golden Leaf HK
      Sheung Hing HK
      Fu Sing HK
      Lei Garden IFC HK
      Pak Loh HK
      Da Ping Huo HK

      Since you live in Hong Kong, I think you are only allowed to vote maximum 3 restaurants based in Hong Kong. I gave one vote to Tim's Kitchen Macau; the other 9 went to restaurants based in Tokyo.

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      1. re: FourSeasons

        ah you're right....whoops =P

        in which case for HK/Macau it would be Galera, Tak Lung, Hoi King Hin

        I still think the top 20 in asia is very silly, top 20 for each country, maybe, but top 20 for each cuisine will be most useful.

        1. re: Sher.eats

          Yes, I agree with you. It is a very silly guide. Asia is too big and diverse; different regions have different taste bud and preference, so how can one confirm without any bias the top 20 restaurants? Since Meile is European brand and this focus on English speakers and promoted by Singaporeans, so it end up with Singapore-based European restaurants dominating the list. I don't think that demographic represents Asia. Your idea is definitely better, top 20 in each country or top 20 in each cuisine in Asia.

          I need to try Tak Lung and Hoi King Hin then on my next trip since both are in your top 3. But I can't find Hoi King Hin on Can you provide more details?

          1. re: FourSeasons

            Isn't 'Hoi King Hin' the Chinese restaurant of the Intercontinental Grand Stanford on TST east?
            Agree that the 'Best in Asia' list is totally out of whack, considering there are soooooo many fine eating establishments in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto not to mention up and comers in Canton and Shanghai....etc

            1. re: FourSeasons

     hoi king heen
     tak lung

              Zuma is the best Japanese restaurant in Asia for their 08 guide, wonder if the editors will "wake up" this year...

              the data to compile the best in country or best in category they should already have and would take little data crunching to compile...

              1. re: Sher.eats

                I remember when the Miele Guide came out last year, it was partly in response to people pooh-poohing the lack of Asian restaurants on the San Pelligrino list. We were wondering when the SP people would "wake up". For the Miele Guide, we thought that with Asian readers voting in, the guide would be more representative. I think the results speak for themselves...

                1. re: Peech

                  Problem is it may not be even Asian readers since it is sponsored by a European brand with focus on English speaking crowd.

                  1. re: FourSeasons

                    they didn't ask me where i reside during registration, so...

                    1. re: Sher.eats

                      You probably did not notice it, which means they might register you from "Afghanistan". It is on the 6th row:

                      1. re: FourSeasons

                        hmmm was it there last year? (when i registered), probably, silly me =P

                        is there a business case against releasing all their data (personal details removed)?

                        would really like to know from where are those who voted for zuma

                        1. re: Sher.eats

                          I recall last year only Visa credit card holders are eligible to vote. They remove this criteria this year.

                          Yes, it would be interesting to know the demographic that participate in the voting!!!

                          I suspect those who voted for Zuma are the expatriates living in Hong Kong who do not have much knowledge about authentic Japanese cuisine!!!