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Mar 20, 2009 05:45 AM

What "goes with" Champagne?

I'm celebrating the purchase of my very first apartment tonight, and am serving Champagne for the occasion. I'd like to serve some canapes to go with it - but as I hardly ever drink Champagne (I adore it, my wallet doesn't), I don't really know what "goes" with it.

Does anyone have suggestions for canapes that I could serve?


Ps. I can't afford blinis with caviar.

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  1. You could always substitute the caviar with salmon eggs.
    Get them at your local Japanese market.

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    1. re: monku

      Hmm - interesting thought! I live in a fairly small town in Norway - so not so many Japanese markets around, but they might sell salmon eggs at a regular grocery store... We do have lots of salmon!

      Thanks for the tip!

      Any other ideas?

    2. Inexpensive and a good match for the champagne - deviled eggs. Fill with your choice of ingredients (capers, roe, lox, onions, parsley, cilantro, etc - on the salty side). Another good match for the wine is berries (strawberries, loganberries, blackberries, etc) although these may be expensive given the season.

      Congratulations on your new home! Cheers!

      1. Champagne pairs nicely with fried or fatty/salty things. Potato chips, savory pastries, etc. Stay away from fruit or anything sweet: you risk leaving the champagne tasting sour and unpleasant by comparison. And as for caviar, don't you have any inexpensive caviar-like fish eggs up there? I would think with the North Sea right there, there would be a significant affordable selection, like in Germany.

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        1. re: tmso

          humboldt fog, fig preserves, water crackers.... also like the lox-and-onion-chopped egg idea

          1. re: aklein

            Was this supposed to be a reply to me? If so, I'm going to repeat myself here: beware of fruit, and STAY AWAY from fruit preserves. It would be sad to splurge on a champagne only to have it be sour and unsatisfying. You can get away with it sometimes, but salty/fatty is always safe.

            1. re: tmso

              oops, not directed just for you... now that you say it, i am now on the fence re: fruit

              1. re: aklein

                Depends on what side of the fruit fence you're on! I think dark berries go well (but I'll try it again next bottle) but I would not offer other more sweet or acid fruit (oranges - shudder!).

            2. re: aklein

              I would think that Humbolt Fog would be VERY expensived in Norway.

            3. re: tmso

              Funny you mention staying away from fruit, as I was channel-surfing last night and saw the scene from "Pretty Woman" where Richard Gere talks about eating strawberries with champagne...

              1. re: tmso

                Whether champagne and fruit go well together depends entirely on what kind of champagne and what kind of fruit. Some fruit and champagne combinations are terrific! Others, not so much. It's rather like making a cream sauce; if you don't know what you're doing, you risk disaster. But it is not inevitable.

                1. re: Caroline1

                  Oh you're absolutely correct, of course. But given the context of the question, I was wanting to err on the safe side of things. Not the least because the question was about "champagne" rather than any specific bottle.

              2. Everything goes with champagne! Smoked salmon on buttered black bread...

                1. All things you can buy in most supermarkets:
                  cheese straws
                  potato chips
                  salted nuts
                  nicoise olives
                  goose, duck, pork or chicken liver pate on toast points or crackers with cornichons