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Mar 20, 2009 05:33 AM

Canapes to go with Champagne?

I'm celebrating the purchase of my very first apartment tonight, and am serving Champagne for the occasion. I'd like to serve some canapes to go with it - but as I hardly ever drink Champagne (I adore it, but my wallet doesn't), I don't really know what "goes" with it.

Does anyone have suggestions for canapes that I could serve?


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  1. I've had spiced nuts a few times at parties with's a thread about this subject with another thread embedded, lol:

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      if you go with nuts, I just made a great one (walnuts) roasted with olive oil, salt, sugar and rosemary. think it was here on chowhound:

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      Inexpensive and a good match for the champagne - deviled eggs. Fill with your choice of ingredients (capers, roe, lox, onions, parsley, cilantro, etc - on the salty side). Another good match for the wine is berries (strawberries, loganberries, blackberries, etc) although these may be expensive given the season.

      Congratulations on your new home! Cheers!

      1. Love pate fois gras with champagne, and of course caviar and smoked salmon.
        Brie cheese. A cheese fondue with bread and tiny new potatoes. One of my favorites:
        smoked almonds, fresh sliced pear, and Maytag blue cheese - they go together so very nicely! Gougere. Cheeses and good french bread and chocolate.....

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          Everything sounds fab! Thanks so much for all the ideas.

          I think i'm going to go for:

          Baked brie in pastry
          lexpatti's roasted rosemary walnuts idea
          Salty crackers and a nice pate
          "mini-dessert" of frozen strawberries blended with sugar, lemon and cream - turns into the best "high end soft serve" ice cream.

          The cheese fondue suggestion sounds fab, but a lot of effort - a lot of our pans are still in boxes and so I think I'm going to try to keep it simple!

          1. re: hangrygirl

            Cool. Your menu sounds good. Can you post a link or recipe for the soft-serve?

            Also, if you like the idea of caviar but don't want to invest in a ton, this dip is delectable with champagne:

            1. re: ChristinaMason

              The soft serve isn't a recipe per say - my mother used to make it for dinner parties: Just throw the following into a blender until it's a smooth consistency. You can serve it immediately, or freeze it afterwards - if you freeze it, just remove it from the freezer a half hour or so before serving to soften. Delicious!

              one basket of frozen strawberries, about 1 dl of whipping cream, 5 or so tablespoons of sugar (to taste - I can't remember how much I use - it's a process), half a squeezed lemon and some lemon zest (if you want).

              Oh, and if anyone has issues with dairy, I've made it with lemonade instead of the cream, and it's turned into a delicious soft "sorbet".

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                  Is it my imagination of did this discussion just jump ahead a year? In which case, congratulations on the first anniversary of your first apartment!

                2. re: ChristinaMason

                  Something easy and really good with Champagne is popcorn!

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