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Mar 20, 2009 04:42 AM

Interior Algarve: Any good restaurants, food shops?

I'm looking for traditional restaurant and food shop recommendations in the hills above Faro. Monchique/Silves/Loule/Benafim. Anywhere where i can get a flavour for local cooking and ingredients.

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  1. Hi! Guess where I live...
    Monchique: Restaurant Charette in the center of monchique, near the town hall: Best local dishes (no chicken piri-piri), exceptional wine selection; O Luar: 1.5 km on the Foia road from Monchique: nice vue, good traditional grill and local fare. For chicken piri-piri, A Rampa 3,5 Km on the Foia road.
    Good shop for local products (home made production) on the left just before reaching the main square.
    In Silves: Rui's behind the market, the best fish & seafood restaurant in the Algarve. The daily market in Silves is still traditional (but I prefer the one in Aljezur, on the West coast).
    In Paderne, north of Albufeira: Restaurant Veneza. Traditional food and one of the best (and the cheapest) wine selection in Portugal.

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      Are you aware of any kosher restaurants in the area?

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        Not that I know of, Monchique main product is pig! Suggest you call +351 282 416 710, this is an access number for the foreign Jewish community in the Algarve, they might be able to help (sorry, no e-mail).

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          For an elegant evening out in the Algarve, we highly recommend the Jardim das Oliveiras located in near Monchique. Jardim das Oliveiras is a critically acclaimed restaurant perched almost 900 metres above sea level surrounded by fragrant woodlands and views of the valleys below. The dining room at Jardim das Oliveiras has a cosy atmosphere and boasts wooden floors and ceilings, tables dressed in lemon and white, open fires and whitewashed walls, and the kitchen specialises in rustic Portuguese mountain food. Signature dishes include the Monchique stew of cabbage, pork and sausages, and the Portuguese polenta topped with aromatic herbs . We also love the traditional Monchique cake – 'bolo tacho' – made with maize, chocolate, honey and eggs I recomend this to all my guests staying at

        2. Monchique is fantastic and views are spectacular we stayed in alvor at
 during the summer and eat at Abrigo da Montanha - the food was excellent with many local dishes including Wild Boar and Plum stew - the prices are really quite reasonable too. About 20% lower than the resteraunts on the coast and in the summer it is much cooler in Monchique so well worth a visit