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Mar 20, 2009 02:28 AM

restaurants in columbus german village?

Looking for suggestions for great fun restaurants in the german village and arena areas of columbus...

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  1. Can't speak to the Arena area, but my two faves (after a number of stops off I-70 heading east) are the Mohawk, a sort of tavern serving a variety of reasonable priced fare, and Katzinger's, right at the edge of the Village. It's an excellent deli, not cheap, but worth it!

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      thank you so much for those two restaurants..Do you know of any which would work for 65 people for a rehearsal dinner party..? Lindeys is booked..This is a fun group and I want it to be really nice, but more importantly fun...Thank you for any additional help...I am open to the Arena Area as well german village..I am from CT so do not have a clue of restaurants.

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        Neither of those would work for you. The Mohawk is more of a bar with food and Katzinger's is just a deli.

    2. My friend had her rehearsal dinner here and it was good. I think it's a chain, but they did a nice job.

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        I supposed Schmidt's might have that kind of's been around forever, but I find their German cuisine lacking, having eaten German food in other US cities and in Germany/Austria. It's kind of a tourist trap. Hopefully more locals will chime in, I am from IL!

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          I just need to be sure it has something for everyone...are there any seafood/steakhouses in the area? Lindeys would have been perfect if it wasn't already booked...The Arena area is also another possibility..Again, I really appreciate all this help..Thank you.

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            Mitchell's steakhouse is a really pretty place and the food is good too .it is owned by the Cameron Mitchell chain, so it's not independent or anything, but it is very nice. I am not sure if they do parties that large or not.

            A lot of people have weddings and dinners at Graystone Winery. I have never been there so I can't tell you whether it's good or not, but it is in the area.

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              Thank you everyone for all of your ideas...I did look into cameron mitchell restaurants on line, and they don't seem to have rooms large enough to hold 65 people..UNFORTUNATELY...I think one of those restaurants would be perfect...We are all real seafood lovers and given this was to be a beach wedding, I thought it would be fun to have rehearsal dinner at a seafood place..Does anyone know of other seafood restaurants..I am looking into Columbus fish market..I also saw a name on line R.J. Snappers??? Cannot locate their website...I am hoping to find something soon..Places seem to be already booked...The easton area looks great as well

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                RJs closed because it was mediocre. Fish market isn't that hot either.

                Honestly, midwest + seafood = generally bad.

                The Mitchell restaurants MAY be able to handle a large group - I'd contact them to ask. M at Miranova is their best, by far.

                The easton area is not great.

              2. re: Lauren in OH

                Mitchell's steak house & the fishmarkets were sold to Ruth's Chris a year or two ago. So while they are still very small in number (3 of the steakhouse I think) they are now owned by a more national restaurant group. I think its gone a bit downhill since the change, but thats based on limited exposure. Recently I've preferred the short north Hyde Park if I was going for a steak house.

              3. re: lab302

                G. Michael's is great and very elegant. I love their low-country style fancy food. I am also not sure if they do parties that big but they may.

                1. re: Lauren in OH

                  I totally agree with Lauren here!
                  Uhockey, is right must stop in at Pistacia Vera at 541 South Third st for amazing french macaroons and pastries!

          2. The Clarmont isn't exactly in the German Village area of Columbus, but it is close.


            1. On the edge of German Village and one of the best places in Columbus is Barcelona Restaurant - not Spanish especially but does have some good tapas. BEAUTIFUL patio in warm months. Another GV choice would be G. Michaels right in the heart of German Village on Third Street. Let us know your choices!!

              1. The Short North is damn close to the German Village and Arena District - as such you have your choice of MOST of Columbus' best restaurants.

                In the Village itself, Lindey's and Barcelona represent "fine dining" while Thurman's famous Burgers and Schmidt's Sausage House are lower end but "Columbus staples." Pistacchia Vera's wonderful desserts are nearby.

                In the Arena district - alas, mostly chains. The best Sushi in town (Kooma and Tyfoon) are nearby, but otherwise it is bars.

                As for a place capable of handling 65.....hmmmmmm.......Clarmont could probably do it. There is also Hyde Park down at the Cap. I believe Morton's is down that way, as well.

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                1. re: uhockey

                  Maybe Latitude 41 at The Columbus (Renaissance hotel)? I would think they would have a room bbig enough in that hotel and Latitude 41 had good food (although service is not always dependable). I would think they could accommodate a group that large.

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                    I think that Hyde Park would work. It's not precisely a "fun" restaurant, but good food in a white tablecloth restaurant and would be big enough, if available.