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Mar 20, 2009 01:48 AM

spiedini cube

Have you ever seen one? Do you know what this is? Can you help me find one?
Here's the deal, saw this on a cooking show, great contraption. It's a metal cube, you pile whatever you want inside, put the lide on, insert skewers through the little holes, insert your knife into each of the slots and slice down. What you get are a bunch of little kabobs. The person on tv said they got it in Italy, but hey, what can you get in Italy that you can't get here? Apparently this cube. I've seen it on ebay, but between the price in dollars and the shipping (about $50) it's prohibitive. So, has anyone seen one for ssale in the U.S.. Thanks in advance.

here's the link:

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  1. Here is the video of it from Youtube in case anyone is interested. Looks like it is only available through ebay.

    I noticed on the video that they didn't actually show it in action for anything but flat cuts of meat and bread. I would think with things like fruit there was be a lot of waste. Besides how hard it to stick things on a skewer?

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      Well, growing up in Texas, we used to make an awful lot of skewered kabobs for our backyard grill. It was a generally a whole family affair, with mom getting the kids to help, and it still took a rather long time to make enough for just the family. I would think this would indeed be quite a time saver... If you needed an awful lot of kabobs, at least.

      I would think it wouldn't be so easy to put veggies on your skewers between the meat, though.

      1. re: paraque

        Paraque- What I liked about this contraption was that the skewers ended up have just a bit of meat on them which would have been good for parties and for appetizers, and no I can't imagine the kids will help with the veggies.

      1. re: jnk

        On their youtube video, it says only available on ebay. Unless someone has seen a different brand, I don't think you have any other option.