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Not for a million dollars!!!

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Ok, for a million dollars I would eat anthrax and hope for a cure! But there are some "foods" out there that you would have to pay me to eat.
- durian (if it smells like a duck!!!!)
- casu marzu (food shouldn't wiggle)
- rotten shark (the only time i saw Anthony Bourdain wince)
- balut (seriously why?)
- bugs (am i on fear factor!)
Just thought i'd throw it out there. Food for thought.

  1. After seeing No Reservations: Namibia, i think that I will pass on the fire roasted rectum.

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      Bourdain will next time too. From what I remember reading interviews, it made him pretty sick.

    2. Great list - I had never heard of casu marzu and it's just wrong. I wonder who was the fool that first tried this and convinced others that it was good eats - they would be able to sell anything

      1. We have an almost identical thread very much in progress on this board: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5728...

        Please join the discussion there and we'll lock this one. Thanks!