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Mar 19, 2009 08:28 PM

authentic Mexican in New Haven area

After living in Georgia for 20 years I have been spoiled by Mexican food, looking for something simple, a place that can make carnitas, a good roja salsa, fresh made tacos (soft) and maybe Horchata.

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  1. Mezcal in New Haven is a very good bet for virtually anything on the menu. I've enjoyed almost everything there, especially the stuffed peppers, but I'm sure other Chowhounds can post their favorites. If you can't handle extremely spicy food, watch what you order. Some of it is para chuparse los dedos. Guadalupe La Poblanita has a very good mole. I'm not quite sure if either of them have horchata, but you can make that at home.

    1. Try Tortilleria La Michoacana on Grand Avenue.

      DesignNewHaven's rec of Guadalupe La Poblanita is also a good one.

      1. I see you're new to posing on Chowhound. It is usually very productive if you use the search feature.
        Searching in the "New England" board for, Mexican "New Haven", you will find this and others:
        There is very good Mexican food in New Haven, if you look.

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        1. re: Scargod

          Indeed, there's a post still on the first page of this board called 'New Haven Mexican' or something.

        2. consider this peruvian place as well. really basic setting but great food at a good price.

          Machu Picchu
          101 Farren Avenue
          New Haven, CT 06513

          bring a gun if you have one though.

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          1. re: shoreline

            Does New Haven allow you to wear a Western holster in a restaurant, if they serve liquor? I have a Ruger Blackhawk, 357 Magnum. I could stick it in my pants but that might arouse....
            Never mind.
            Is it that bad? Come to think of it, I've never been in that part of town. I bet they don't serve wine?

            1. re: Scargod

              Fair Haven Heights used to be the worst part of town, when New Haven regularly topped the murders per capita list nationally, but it's really not that bad anymore. From the statistics kept by Yale and by the police department, you're more likely to get mugged or assaulted, or have your car broken into or vandalized on the outskirts of downtown than you are anywhere else. It is a very sketchy neighborhood though, and Fairmont Park is full of crackheads. It's definitely a place to avoid after dark, and to be aware of your surroundings, but the same is true of most of New Haven.
              The food is really good. I've only had it as take out, so I'm not sure if they have wine.

              1. re: Scargod

                It's not that bad. Don't know if they serve wine. Haven't been in over a year, I shoul get back there.

                As far as the Ruger, I'd go with a basic inside the pants clip on with a baggy shirt. lol

                1. re: shoreline

                  I looked at it on Google Map's "Street View" and it looks like a nice little place. Not sure about parking. I think I could leave my gun at home.