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Mar 19, 2009 08:22 PM

Substituting granulated sugar...

with powdered or brown. Can I do this in a pound cake? I've only got about a half cup of granulated, but a ton of powdered and brown.

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  1. Definitely not powdered sugar.
    I think the brown sugar would make a horrible tasting pound cake.

    1. I think brown sugar would be tasty in pound cake - but it won't taste like classic "plain" pound cake. Think butterscotch flavors. I do agree that powdered will not work. Its consistency is inappropriate and the structure of the batter will not have integrity.

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      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

        Exactly. I was baking an Irish Car Bomb Cake today, which called for 2 cups of dark brown sugar. I'm not crazy about dark brown, so I opted for 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup light brown sugar. My regular go-to chocolate cake recipe (the one from Hershey's that calls for a cup of boiling water) calls for 2 cups white sugar. Right on, Caitlin--it won't taste like the classic, but would probably be tasty in a new/different way. Definitely butterscotch!

      2. Aw man... Guess I'm off to the store... Thanks!

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        1. re: meleyna

          Brown sugar pound cakes are quite common in the South. You could do quick search of Southern Living's online recipes and find out if you would need to modify the recipe around the brown sugar. I'm sure it would be good though.

          1. re: WCchopper

            I actually just ended up going back to the store, but thanks for the recc. Another day, another cake!