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Mar 19, 2009 08:17 PM

Korean Pizza Recipe Ideas-Got Any?

Hi Everyone,

I'm in the mood to make a Korean inspired pizza. The dough (Alton Brown's recipe) is aging in the fridge as we speak.

Here are some of my thoughts as far as toppings/flavors:
a) Bulgogi
b) Sprinkle w/thinly sliced kimchee after the pizza is cooked
c) shredded nori flakes
d) marinated mung bean sprouts (spicy or not)
e) scallions
f) A gochujang glaze
g) Sauteed spam and kimchee

Obviously I would not put all of these ingredients together on a single pizza. I was thinking bulgogi w/scallions and a nice gochujan glaze drizzled on top; the spam and kimchee on another. Other than that, I'm kind of stumped on how to let the flavors come together.

I'm assuming I would probably go light on the cheese, maybe just a simple mozzarella/provolone shred on top of the the pizza?

More importantly, any thoughts on how to do the sauce? I can't imagine a regular tomato-based pizza sauce would work.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about a sweet gochujang sauce with Samgyeopsal (pork belly) & kimchee topping. Garnish with scallions.

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    1. re: DezzerSF

      Mmmm.....bulgogi with scallions....yum.

      Maybe add some sliced raw garlic too?

      For the sauce you could use red chili paste (sparingly)

      Or just treat it like a foccacia and leave the sauce out. Great idea, though. Makes me nostalgic for some bulgogi and kimbab!

    2. I actually like the combination of cheddar and kimchee. I think you could do a take on spam jjigae by pureeing kimchee until smooth and using that and some gochujang as the base sauce for your pizza. Top with shredded cheddar and mozarella and spam. Serve with chopped scallions.

      1. What's the difference in gochujang and kochu jang? I was always familiar with the latter but maybe they are just the same thing with different spellings? In any case it would make a nice *addition* to a tomato sauce. While I don't find kochu jang terribly spicy it might be a little too hot as a direct addition to a pizza base. Sounds like a fun idea though!

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        1. re: HaagenDazs

          Just different spellings for the same thing. A lot of spelling changes came through the revised romanization.

        2. Some chopped bulgogi, spicy pork, grilled marinated chicken, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses.
          For the sauce
          Toss some red chili peppers into a blender with fresh garlic and liquify, add some pure ground chili pepper powder, a bit of sugar, some sesame salt, and a bit of doenjang (you can also add a small amount of tomato sauce).
          Other toppings:
          Sliced shiitake
          enoki mushrooms
          pine mushrooms
          pine nuts
          toasted sesame seed
          crumbled laver (seaweed sheets)
          dried anchovies
          shredded smoked squid

          1. Although not necessarily "quintessentially Korean" tastes, pizza in Korea has a really unique sensibility, which frequently involves mashed sweet potato, hot dogs, corn, and gochujang (or even ketchup!). You might get some inspiration from the selections of "Mr Pizza", which has some truly awe-inspiring combinations. (I especially dig-- intellectually, not from any direct experience--- the "Grand Prix" combination of sweet potato and cajun shrimp with pumpkin seeds and raisins and blueberry sauce. (!!!!)


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            1. re: another_adam

              I think I like gochujang sauce topped with cheddar, hot dog, and corn drizzled with Japanese mayo. A Korean friend made it as appetizers for our Oscar party a few years back - sounds busy, but it was fabulous!!!