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Hell's Kitchen tonight (Spoiler alert)

So has anyone noticed that the challenges always end up in a tie with the big denouement - after the commercial (as Ryan Seacrest would say)? BOOORING.

And really Lacey is there strictly for entertainment value. I mean, if you don't do much in the kitche, you can't mess very much up. And what is up with Carol? It's bad enough to send out undercooked pasta, but to then sit there and eat it and say there's nothing wrong with it! Why is she so hellbent on ragging on Andrea? I think it's because she knows Andrea is doing better than her. Arrrgh.

As a woman, I'm finding all this ridiculous cat fighting annoying (that's why I never have and never will watch Survivor) - let's cook ladies.

So J went home. Boohooo - not much ado about that.

You all know I love me some Gordon, but I am getting (yes, LindaWhit - ME) a little bored with the "formula".

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  1. My husband and I have it set up on the DVR since we're out most Thursdays. We sat through the entire episode (minus commercials) when we got home and then asked each other why we still watch this show. We know the power of using the remote, we use it to fast forward but we're getting to the point of deleting it before we even watch it. I'm just not really interested in the show beyond background noise while surfing the net.

    1. This thing is getting to be a bit formulatic. As soon as Giovanni got sent over to the team, you just knew they would be winning.

      1. I enjoyed the small plate challenge. It's nice to actually get to see the donkey's be creative and cook on their own. Some of the dishes looked pretty innovative and delicious.

        1. I watch it purely for the drama, after all that's really what the show is about.

          1. mb, I'm pretty much right there with you - it is very rote and similar to all of the other episodes (other than the beep button was used a LOT last night!) and it's getting rather boring. It sometimes starts out OK, but the slide downhill is rather quick.

            Although the little plate challenge was interesting - and hello? Wouldn't have thunk that Giovanni would step up to the plate as well as he did.

            I wonder if there's a next season, if they *didn't* have male/female teams but mixed it up, it actually might be more interesting and challenging, and they actually might stop f***ing it up so much?

            Nah. Probably not. ;-)

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              I'm getting old, so my memory isn't what it used to be - but when this show first aired the teams were mixed. The whole boy vs. girl theme was one of those "Announcer voice over drama moments" that happened during a season - it was very much more interesting to watch.

              But, next week, NEVER BEFORE IN HELL'S KITCHEN..................................................

              1. re: maisonbistro

                OK, after I had finished my earlier post, I started thinking - I thought the teams were mixed as well. Checking Wikipedia, it looks like only Season 1 had mixed teams. The rest have all been male/female until the "merge". :-)

                And I got a big grin out of the NEVER BEFORE....... statement. Yet again. :-)

              2. re: LindaWhit

                Sadly there's already a next season and it's in production. Somewhere on the net somebody wrote about eating at Hell's Kitchen last week and he/she didn't recognize any of the cooks.

                Are the editors p.o.ed with Ramsay? And with his Sous? Have either of the Sous spoken this season? Is Ramsay that clueless about Lacey's walking out of prep? Surely by now he's heard about it three times (or more...these episodes smear together). Or is this the "Make Gordon look clueless" year?

                When did two 1 1/2" thick beef wellingtons become a small plate? Or even a large plate?

                If there were anything on opposite this............

                1. re: shallots

                  If there were anything on opposite this............
                  I'm almost there, shallots. I've got lots of books and magazines to get through as well.

                  And GR did seem astonished at Lacey walking out of prep when he was told by whatzhisface (who called Lacey a "fat b**ch - interesting turn of phrase coming from him :-/ ) How can he not remember that she's done it before?

                  But since J. had already been booted from the kitchen, even though GR called Lacey and Ben forward, I knew it was just a rap on the knuckles for both of them.

                  1. re: shallots

                    The male sous spoke earlier when he commented that Danny knew his meet.
                    The female, Gloria? , i've hardly seen at all

                2. My favorite part of the show was when he took the challenge winners to the racetrack and LA made a comment that hanging out with Gordo away from the restaurant was "like hanging out with your Dad." LOL!

                  1. It's been the same formula. I'm surprised you're just now getting tired of it. I watch it for the catfights and it's as entertaining as ever.

                    I still don't know who undercooked the pasta. Carol was the one who served it but she seems to be blaming Andrea for undercooking the pasta? As for Lacey, it was hilarious when she said she's ruining her health and happiness. She does't look all that healthy to begin with and is it possible to truly be happy when you're a dumb bitchy cow?

                    1. The formula is getting boring, true, but the escalating anger is scary. I think Gordon has slipped a cog or something. He's really vicious! I'm surprised that one of the contestants hasn't picked up a sharp knife and stabbed him in the jugular! I'm really bad with that kind of conflict: right after the program I barked at my SO for no good reason and felt shitty about it.

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                      1. re: mnosyne

                        I very much enjoyed the first season -- the approach was original, unique and entertaining. I especially enjoyed GR's hair-trigger temper and colorful use of language. The contestants on the first season seemed capable and somewhat experienced enough so that one might actually believe they could run a high-end restaurant.

                        However, as I started watching season two, I quickly realized that the program's schtick was already old -- no longer did I find GR's temperment and colorful language entertaining; rather, it became annoying, abrasive, overly-insulting, insensitive, overbearing and -- ultimately -- unwatchable. I also feel the competency level of the contestants has dropped considerably.

                        Kitchen Nightmare's is another story altogether -- I still enjoy watching those, even though the formula is mind-numbingly same-y (Ramsey brings emotionally shattered family back together, returns business to a robust and healtly state, saves broken marriages and cures cancer).

                        Entertainment -- it's not just for breakfast anymore.


                        1. re: mnosyne

                          Aw c'mon. It isn't real.

                          In Canada, we get both Hell's Kitchen and the f-Word from the UK. On the f-Word, Ramsay is a different person. He comes across as human, humane, and funny. He treats even the crappiest cooks with a modicum of patience and respect. He doesn't blow his cool every few minutes (as he does on the US program).

                          The f-Word novice chef cooking competition is just part of the program. In another segment, he competes against a local celeb to cook one dish. He sometimes loses. On still another segment, he is raising animals at home for his family to eat. His body language and facial expressions when his pigs were going to slaughter could not have been faked. (Unlike his apparent hair trigger temper on Hell's Kitchen.) He still has an outsize personality but, unlike on HK, he seems a human being.

                          We watch Hell's Kitchen for the train wrecks, though the formula has long since become jaded (and because nothing else more interesting is on). It's also a giggle to realize, time after time, how much better I cook than most of these wannabee executive chefs. We watch the f-Word because it is actually interesting. It is also interesting that he uses the f-Word far less on the uncensored f-Word than on the preposterously bleeped and blurred HK.

                          1. re: embee

                            That hysterical british comedian he has had on a few times now has a much fouler mouth than he does (his name escapes me right now). I love all the versions of Gordon (I'm in Montreal so I also see the F Word and Kitchen Nightmares UK) .

                            1. re: maisonbistro

                              And the UK Kitchen Nightmares is much more real than the hysterical (not in the funny sense) US version.

                              1. re: embee

                                Absolutely. With the British produced programmes, I love watching Gordon. With the American produced versions, I turn to something else (or to a book).

                            2. re: embee

                              He was so sweet with his piggies!!! Didn't he call them "my girls"? Seem to remember him searching out some yummy beer for them....

                          2. Wow, I said the same thing to my husband last night after watching this show. I am bored. I love cooking show competitions. But, I am so bored this season. Except for Lacey, I don't think I know any of the other contestants names. And I just don't care. I play fantasy Hell's Kitchen, and I haven't looked at our scores this season yet. I have watched all the seasons of Hell's Kitchen, and can't put my finger on why I feel this way this season. Maybe you are right, "the formula" is getting old.

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                            1. re: catrn

                              The only names I know from this season is Lacey, Andrea and Robert (b/c of the episode where he was upset at being called Bobby).

                              Yes, it's getting a bit tired, but out of morbid curiosity, I continue to watch....

                              1. re: OCAnn

                                The only reason I watched was to hear Robert say that if Lacey wins he will 'throw down his apron and be a crack whore'. HA! It's on while I'm cleaning up after dinner but there's no reason to waste 30 minutes... or is it on for an hour?