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Mar 19, 2009 07:43 PM

Current recommendations in Hampton Roads?

Please save me from Chili's. My family will be staying in the Hampton Roads/Newport News area this weekend and it seems that many of the discussions were a bit dated.

We prefer ethnic, e.g., Thai, Indian, Korean, but we will have been at a softball tournament all day and will likely be a bit windblown and my daughter will be in uniform, so nothing formal. I can't parallel park well so I'm not sure if the "downtown" is out for us.

It is supposed to be cold so a place with ton kha gai or tasty pho would be welcomed.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Nawab on Jefferson Ave or in Williamsburg is excellent and has a great lunch buffet from 11-2 each day. There is a Thai Restaurant on Big Bethel in the Food Lion shopping center that is very good and very casual. Cant remember the exact name but just ask anyone for directions to Dairy Queen on Big Bethel and it is right across the street.

    1. I am curious about this same thing. I grw up in the city of Hampton but left right after high school graduation. It seems that all of the restaurants in Hampton are chains. My parents still live there and most of their eating out involves Popeye's, Ruby Tuesday, or Taco Bell/KFC. Are there any non chain restaurants in Hampton?

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        not sure about that side of the water but if you are willing to venture accross the bridge, there are several good thai and vietnamese places (norfolk and va beach have bankok garden and pho 78 is also good)

        1. re: bythebayov

          I am so sad that my hometown has nothing more than chain restos. Norfolk is so far away (by local standards). Why oh why is there a dearth of local non chain restaurants in Hampton?

          1. re: amethiste

            county grill (yorktown not hampton location) is awesome if you like bbq as is pierces...Id eat there all the time if I lived on your side of the water!

            1. re: bythebayov

              Pierce's is our usual go-to bbq place. What kind of bbq do they do at county grill? Is it local-style minced pork bbq or more of a ribs and chicken sort of thing?

              I haven't lived in Hampton since 1989 but would like to know about Hampton restaurants (or lack thereof) since my parents still live there.

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       this is their link I love the brisket and the pulled pork

                1. re: bythebayov

                  Six (little bar bistro group) in hampton--great tapas, beers on tap, etc. Can't go wrong. Great food and atmosphere.