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Mar 19, 2009 07:21 PM

Hatfield's or The Little Door?

She's more turned on by linens and candles, I like really good food.

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  1. Hatfield's has candles to go along with the (really) good food. Little Door has linens AND candles... good food? Not so much.

      1. Go to Hatfield's and bring your own candles. No "corkage" on the candles.

        1. another vote for Hatfield's. Little Door is overrated.

          1. never been to Hatfield's though i've heard it's fantastic. what i can say about little door, besides the beautiful environment is that the couscous royale is fantastic, the rest of it is good, not great.

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              In today's tough Economy, why waste good money at "The Little Door". Go spend it at Hatfields! You will not regret it.