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Mar 19, 2009 07:20 PM

Easter Brunch in Davis?

Our extended family (10 of us incl. kids) is looking for an upscale restaurant in Davis for Easter brunch. Any ideas, please?

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  1. In Davis, there is Bistro 33 (which IMO is highly overrated). Less upscale but with better food are Caffe Italia and Cafe Bernardo.

    Personally, I'd drive 10 minutes and go to Tazzina Bistro in Woodland. Here's their menu:

    1. I live in Davis, and there's not much here that qualifies as upscale. Bernardo is my favorite brunch spot in town. You should also check out Little Prague. I think that they offer brunch and their patio is lovely. I definitely second the Tazzina Bistro in Woodland rec. Their brunch will be better than anything you'll find in Davis. Putah Creek Cafe in Winters is also great if you're willing to eat in the next town over. IMO Bistro 33 is meh, and Caffe Italia is yucky.

      1. How about Osteria Fasulo? Call to see if they have something for Easter.

        Osteria Fasulo
        2657 Portage Bay E, Davis, CA 95616

        1. For 10 people, if the weather is nice Easter Sunday, the patio of Bistro 33 would be really pleasant. I wouldn't necessarily call Bistro 33 upscale. I'd place it just a bit above Cafe Bernardo, food-wise, but quite a bit higher overall when factoring in the atmosphere difference between the patios.

          For more upscale, the three places I'd check out::
          Osteria Fasulo, as Peter L mentioned, if they are serving brunch that day.
          Seasons (haven't had their brunch, but do like their lunches and dinners)
          Mustard Seed (lunch there is more casual; dinners more upscale; not sure what category Easter Brunch would fall into if they offered it). Very pleasant patio.

          Hope this helps!

          1. Or, as an alternative to Tazzina in Woodland, you could try Woodland's newest addition, Kitchen428 at 428 1st Street. I hear it's going to be a great brunch and less expensive than Tazzina. Plus, it's in the historic Jackson Building which makes for a great atmosphere.

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              Tazzina's Easter Menu is fantastic!