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Mar 19, 2009 07:15 PM

Service at Caplansky's

I've posted previously that while I like the food at Caplansky's, I've found the service come up on short on a number of occasions.

I visited today (Thursday), and I'm pleased to say that has changed for the better. I arrived just before 4 in the afternoon, hardly rush hour, but there were a number of people there. The cheerful young woman who waited on me arrived at my table promptly, and when I ordered a combo and a diet Coke, she noted that she'd have to get the diet Coke from bar (i.e. a fountain drink), and that the only canned diet drink she had was Dr. Pepper. As it turns out, I really enjoy diet Dr. Pepper, but very few places have it available. So that's what I got - score 1 for her!

My soup and coleslaw came out promptly. The borscht was flavourful as always, and the coleslaw was its usual bland self, but I was able to spruce it up with a few shots of vinegar. She kept an eye on me, and as I was finishing off the soup, I noticed her go to the window, and tell the boys to start on the sandwich. I appreciated the fact that she didn't just dump everything on the table at once, as has happened before. Score 2 for her!

Next, after I'd had a few bites of my sandwich, she stopped by to ask if everything was OK, where before I'd been ignored after the food had been dropped off. Score 3 for her!

Finally, as I pushed my empty plate away, she came by promptly to clear it, and ask if I was interested in dessert. When I said "No", she was back in a moment with the bill. Score 4!

So, it seems as if the service issue has been resolved, as I noticed she spent most of her idle time cleaning up the wait station, and she seemed to attend to all her tables quickly and efficiently. Glad to see the quality of service now matches the quality of the food!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sounds like the server I had last time, she really is quite good. Although I did get dessert. :)

      1. I've been there five times and, with one exception, have found the service to be friendly, attentive and fast. The last time I went there, about a week ago, I got typical Toronto service, the kind where you need to get the server's attention for every request and are totally ignored otherwise (no, it wasn't busy, either). Thankfully, this was an exception to my usual experience there.