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Mar 19, 2009 06:15 PM

sultana raisin cookies??

it has been some time now, but about 5 years ago i was able to get these amazing sultana raisin cookies in the st. lawrence market. these weren't your ordinary round cookies, there were thinly sliced, compressed with raisins, i should probably call them a wafers, but regardless i havent found them in awhile, does anyone know what i'm talking about? if so where can i get them???

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  1. Used to be a standard cookie in Marks&Spencer food halls. Try the shops selling Brit goodies around the GTA. Ask for Garibaldi biscuits. They're usually made with currants but sometimes sultanas. Try Google for a photo but I suspect it's what you're after.

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      amazing!!! thanks very much, after all this time, lol i had no idea what they were called!

      1. re: iloveoliveoil

        Give 'em a squeeze and check the stale date if you find any. Past their prime, they can be the consistency of a dessicated asphalt shingle.

    2. Oh man, I had a craving for these a few months back and couldn't find anything similar here. In NZ and Australia they are made by Arnott's (same manufacturer as the infamous TimTam) and I think they're called full o' fruit, or snack right or something. They're so chewy and fruity and delicious! I wish Arnott's distributed here.

      1. I went to Yorkdale Mall this afternoon, entering through the southwest entrance next to Sears. The flower shop at the entrance -- Rutledge Flowers -- has suddenly turned into a British food emporium. Lots of candies, chocolates and yes, Garibaldi currant biscuits. They're $2.99 for a small package (100g). There is a best-before date of September 2009 and, having just opened a package and eaten one, it's flaky and not dessicated-shingle-like. Too sweet for my taste, though.

        Didn't Dare used to make a similar sultana-raisin biscuit?

        Rutledge Flowers

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          Think you're right, possibly Peek Freans, too. My wife and her sibs still call Garibaldis "squashed fly biscuits" thanks to the look of the currant filling...

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Ha! My wife's uncle used to call them, "Fly Cemeteries".