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Mar 19, 2009 06:02 PM


I guess we knew it was too good to last. A nice place to go with your friends, sit down, relax, and order sandwiches, coffee, and dessert.

We showed up last week and were told there is no longer table service. You have to order your food, pay, and then sit down. If you want coffee after, you have to repeat the process.

The place was pretty empty, and had a cold, unwelcoming feeling. One of my girlfriends said that the food was still good, but for $9 for a sandwich, and close to $10 for coffee and dessert, cafeteria style, wait on yourself , was not going to be appealing.

We wound up leaving and going next door to Clark's Corner. The food is good, and the service is always friendly. We will miss Tazza. It was great while it lasted.

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  1. >> One of my girlfriends said that the food was still good

    Isn't this site ultimately about the food?

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    1. re: EJC

      Good food is important in any dining establishment.

      If the food is good, but the atmosphere isn't pleasant, and there is no table service, there is a problem.

      When a cafe charges $8 or $9 for a sandwich, a certain level of service and decor is expected. Add to that, unhappy waitresses who are overtaxed because many have been fired, that makes it even gloomier.

      People are not tipping when they don't get table service.

      Sad, but maybe the message will get through to the management, and they will restore it to a nice place to go for a chat with friends and good food. Or else, lower their prices.

      1. re: Fleur

        It's also been cold in there during the winter - I'm not one for warm rooms but they definitely need to put the thermostat up a couple of degrees! I like the quality of their food but I've also noticed lots of tables that need to be wiped clean; the whole thing just feels a little inhospitable.

        1. re: Bookistan

          Thank you for mentioning the temperature problem. Many days and evenings it has been so cold in there, the help were wearing sweaters and hats, but insisted there was no problem with the heat, and besides it was beyond their control. The Grilled Panini got cold almost as soon as they came off the grill.

          The tables now are clean it yourself, like in a McDonalds. I don't mind it at McDo, if I want a $4 lunch, I don't expect anything more. When Sandwich, coffee and dessert runs you $20 per person, I expect clean tables, filled water glasses, and some service with a smile.

          In this economy, if a restaurant wants to succees, they have to realize that they are charging the same $9 price forthe sandwich as before, without the service. Maybe they should lower their prices a bit.

          As for the OP below who would prefer to otrder his own food at the counter, does he realize you are paying the same , rather on the high side prices?

          If you are a few people, and you order sandwiches, coffee, and dessert, that makes three trips back and forth.

          I certainly don't blame the girls who work there at all. They do their best. and are friendly and helpful. It is the owner/ magement that has made a huge mistake.

      2. re: EJC

        I think this site is more about the overall dining experience.

        For example, I might think the burgers at Shake Shack are terrific, but I might not care when I find out about the lengthy wait in the lengthy line. (Full disclosure: I've never had a SS burger because I've never wanted to stand in the line.)

        Or I might want to sample the menu at the hot new pub I've heard about, but when I find out that they constantly play music at ear-splitting levels, I would take a pass...

      3. oh, that's good to know. i'll definitely be more inclined to go now! i've never felt like Tazza lent itself to table service. i'd much rather order my own food and drinks there.

        1. I missed this thread when I posted mine -- sorry.

          I have been really disappointed with the coffee lately -- I ask for whole milk in mine and if they put in more than a tiny bit, the whole cup comes out milky. Weak coffee.

          I have never eaten there (table service or not) but agree that the atmosphere leaves something to be desired. They actively discourage lounging and laptop use and their business seems to be suffering -- it's usually empty when places like Connecticut Muffin and Starbucks are packed.

          I agree that Clark's is always a solid choice.

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          1. re: JennS

            I like the idea of a cell free and internet free restaurant. But only if you can come in, sit down, be waited on, have a meal, and stay around for a while and relax and read.

            If they are going to be a take-out coffee place, and the coffee, as you mentioned, has gone down hill, sadly, they probably won't make it through these tough economic times. It's a shame too, because their Panini are quite good.

            I solved the problem for the moment. I bought a Lodge Grill/Griddle and Press on Amazon, and make my own Panini. I make my own Latte, too.

            I still enjoy the buzz at Starbucks. I find it to be a very friendly neighborhood place, and their coffee is pretty decent. Since they have a new manager on Montague, the place has changed, totally for the better.. it is well run, and very clean. They also play really good music.

            A friend gave me the recipe for the Frappacino. If I can find it on my computer, I will post it.

          2. Wow... I can't believe I'm getting in on this... But I like Tazza and have been going pretty consistently since their opening on Henry Street and go to Clark as well.

            The Clark Street location is a bright spot in an otherwise dreary corner of Brooklyn Heights. Finally we have a contemporary space with with great coffee, fresh food and a fantastic selection of baked goods. If what you really want is "tuna on toast" or "2 scrambled" then Clarks' Corner is for you, but for a great salad or panini, or a delicious tart or baguette then Tazza's the place.

            And as for the table service, it is exactly the same as the Henry Street location... you place your order, find a seat and it is delivered to your table. Not sure how this is like McDonald's.

            And pricing, if you go to any number of the new cafes springing up all over the area, the prices at Tazza are in line and more times than not they are less expensive.

            Cheers to Tazza!!!

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            1. re: savoryhash

              I agree that Tazza is a great addition to the neighborhood and I have almost no problems with their food (the panini could use some condiments -- especially the cheese one. A little mustard would go a long way!)

              I just think the Tazza coffee is really crappy lately. I'm willing to walk the extra 5 blocks to Montague for decent coffee.

            2. Tazza on Clark has always been a weirdly uninviting space. Something about the layout, the tables and the service has never made it work as well as the one on Henry Street. It's always had that cold, unwelcoming feeling-- and I don't think it has anything to do with table service or lack thereof, since the location on Henry has never had table service and never felt quite so uninviting.