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Mar 19, 2009 05:20 PM

Manchester NH--need help from CH comprades i.e. lexpatti, gryphonskeeper, tunamelt, lurkers, etc

We're buying a house in the North End, near downtown. We know the restos, but how about services. We're walking distance of Angela's, so we'll have good bread and cheese, but what's the best deal for fresh fish and a good butcher? There's a produce stand on Webster St in the summer, but other suggestions? We'll miss having the Amherst Farmers Market, but won't miss the property taxes.

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  1. Well, the farm stand on Webster St, should be year round, they are pretty good for veggies and great artisan breads and such. There is of course Tinkers for fresh fish, It has sushi grade tuna most days, and really fresh fish, but the last time I got fried clams they were laden with gritty bellies... yuck!
    As for Butchers, I would definitely say The Meat House in Bedford, I have not found anything close to it here in Manchester, which is sad. I miss Sausage Heaven :(. BUT we do have a GREAT wine shoppe also in the north end! So you are lucky there, it is right up the street from Tinker's and the Farm Stand as well, The Wine Studio.

    1. Sorry, but I'm not overly familiar with Manchester ... hopefully persons more knowledgeable than me will weigh in here. Have fun getting to know your new environs!

      1. Nice area of Manch, Congrats!!! In the summer thru fall I have discovered the farmers market that sets up on Thursday's by a park, it's pretty big with over 20 vendors/farms:

        I personally haven't shopped in Manch for a butcher or fresh fish (except Tinkers).

        There is a great butcher in Concord if you're heading home from the North at all. It's called Quality Cash Market just off rt 93:

        When my son and gf were here from Paris, I took them to Angela's - loved it!!!!

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        1. re: lexpatti

          Thanks for the tip about the farmer's market patti!

          1. re: whs

            You did not know about the summer market? You will LOVE it. You can get almost anything there in season, even venison and fresh farm eggs, and sometimes milk. It usually starts up in early summer. Sorry I neglected to mention it,

            It happens every Wednesday in the summer, until late Oct, right in front of the Manchester Library,

        2. and don't forget that seafood truck at Candia rd Circle - I only went twice last year, fantastic scallops and haddock but others as well - gryphonskeeper, you turned me on to that thanks!!! When do they start?? Or are they there now?

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          1. re: lexpatti

            Fishman is back at the traffic circle now. Fridays and Saturdays only. For meats, we also like Bull Run in Hooksett, not too far from the north end. Also, this weeks Hippo has the Best of edition out this week. Check it out.

            1. re: rmsoul

              Will have to try Bull Run and the fish guy. Thanks!

              1. re: whs

                Can someone provide an approximate address for the fish truck? I'd like to plug it into my GPS, since I'm not really sure how to get there from here. Also, what are the hours?

                I read about it last year in the Hippo, but couldn't find it (or got there too late) the only time I went looking.

                1. re: natureboy

                  Try 2281 Candia Rd. Manchester, NH. That's the address of the store where the Fishman parks. He's there on Fri and Sat. Best to catch him before 1pm. Hope this helps.

                  1. re: natureboy

                    He'll give you his card too, you can order during the week and he'll have it for you (reserved) - sorry, I lost his card.

                    1. re: lexpatti

                      whs, you will be but a 5 min drive across the river to Bartlett Street Superette. I always find interesting goodies there. Also, with La Caretta so close, I would not be able to resist a weekly take-out order of ground beef soft tacos.

                      1. re: Dave B

                        Thanks for the Bartlett St Superette reminder. Will have to see if La Caretta has anything that compares to the smoked mesquite tongue tacos that I had down in Harlingen TX in February! ;)

                        1. re: whs

                          you could prob walk to breakfast at Julien's (corner of Union and Bridge) - have you done breakfast there? Awesome place.

                          1. re: whs

                            La Carreta is good solid mex-am food, but smoked tongue tacos is not thier thing. Good tamales though.

              2. -fish truck parks @ Sandy's at Massabesic traffic circle.

                -Fruit Center on Webster street is year round and fantastic. We've been eating $1.99 pineapples from there for the past two weeks.

                -Bull Run, Hooksett, for steak tips, turkey tips. They changes hands last yr, but I beleive the quality is the same.

                -Saigon Market, Maple St

                -Spice Center and Korean Market, next door to each other on Valley St.

                Congrats on your new home!

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                  I FINALLY was able to find the fish truck @ Sandy's on the Massabesic traffic circle. Thanks for the tips.

                  I got steamers and fresh salmon on Fri, both were excellent. I stopped by again on Sat, since I was up there for The Glendi (greek festival). They were packing up around 3 and were out of steamers, so I got littlenecks instead.

                  If I remember correctly, the hours are typically 11-5 on Fri and 9-3 on Sat.

                  I found some more info for "New England Harvested Seafood, Inc." on Yelp: