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Mar 19, 2009 04:59 PM


come one, come all... i am in search of some damn good margaritas in chicago...
not the gimmicky el jardin style made with 151, or the sickly sweet bottled mixer style...

great tequila (i'm a don julio guy), great housemade sour (fresh lime juice), etc, etc...

atmosphere doesn't matter to me, i will happily go anywhere

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  1. Just had an interesting concoction at Salsaria at Sears Tower. Nicole at the bar called it a Mexico City Margarita. Way less sweet than a standard...

    1. I've always been a big fan of the margaritas in the bar at The Frontera Grill. I'm particularly fond of the blue agave version, which is fairly tart. Frontera is located at 445 N. Clark Street in Chicago. It does get a bit crowded most nights, but if you persevere (or arrive at opening) you can find a seat at the bar.

      1. Try Zocalo (358 W Ontario). All their house versions use Don Julio. Also ask them to use Cointreau instead of triple sec. Also try de cero (814 W Randolph).

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          I like the Zocalo margaritas too (when I'm feelin' fancy), but I loves me some half off pitchers on Mondays at Tecatlitlans on Chicago ave.