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Mar 19, 2009 04:43 PM

What can you tell me about Pravda?

Is it primarily a bar? Everything I see online about it talks about the Absinthe, though I have read that they HAVE food, it just doesn't seem as important as the absinthe.

Is it in the space that used to be G&E Courtyard Grill? It's difficult to tell from the map...

Any opinions?

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  1. you are correct, it used to be the courtyard.

    but i havent tried their food. lots of vodkas.

    1. it is a bar that serves both liquor and tea/coffee but it's more bar than coffeehouse (versus cafe envie down the street which is more coffeehouse than bar). a friend of mine who likes absinthe says that this is the best place to get it. (i believe they have a selection of 3 different absinthes. the one he has gotten is about 20 usd and very strong.) as i'm not a fan, i usually order something else. every bartender i've had there makes a good strong drink. my libation of choice usually ends up costing about 7 usd.

      if you want a very relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of locals, you'll want to stop by pravda.

      and i, too, have not tried their food. i think their kitchen closes at 10. from the menu, it appeared to be small plates.