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Mar 19, 2009 04:28 PM

Luckyfish $1 Anniversary Today

Today is the first anniversary of Luckyfish in Beverly Hills. To celebrate, everything on their kaiten sushi belt and all drinks are only $1 from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Because my office is just a half block away, I walked by at about 11:20 this morning and snagged one of the few remaining seats.

The overwhelming majority of the items on the belt were cut roles with very small amounts of fish in them. There were plenty of plates of edamame and salad items, but the nigiri sushi was pretty sparse and grabbed up by diners closer to the start of the belt.

Actually, the one nigiri sushi item I did get was decidedly unappealing. This was probably the worst sushi rice I have ever tasted; cold, tough and gummy. I was happy to leave after about 4 plates.

When I did leave, the line in front (at about 11:50), was getting fairly long with about 20 people waiting to get a seat.

When I drove by at 1:30 it was even worse. And, I suspect most of the turnovers will not be nearly as quick as mine was.

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  1. I was considering hitting this up for $1 sushi ... but it sounds like it's not really worth it huh?

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    1. re: burumun

      I really think the takeout sushi from Whole Foods is better.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        I thought the sushi, rolls, and dishes was pretty good. I also find it very hard to complain about mass produced $1 sushi. I have been there for dinner (regular hours, no promotions) and everything was real good over there. Sure, stuff comes out fresher and hotter when it's not mass produced at 20-30 plates each, but I think you really need to take that into account when talking about it. Whole Foods sushi doesn't cost $1. They had a great setup there yesterday and they even had a chef outside putting together spicy tuna, crab, and vegetable hand rolls for the people who were hungry on line. I think it was an incredible idea and thank them for letting me stuff my face for under $20 including drink and tip.

        1. re: sarcasmsk

          I've no interest in eating crappy food at any price. And what I was served was closer to shite than sushi.

    2. Went to the Rite-Aid next door at 6pm and the line was at least 200 deep. One of the waiters was in front of me in line buying 2 boxes of aspirin. Poor guy.
      It's amazing what people will stand in line for.