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Lunch for Trendologist

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  • betta Mar 19, 2009 03:43 PM
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Hi all,

I have a friend who is a Food Trendologist, who is coming to Boston (from San Fran). I need to choose a place to take her on a Monday for lunch! Any suggestions? Background: We've had an amazing dinner at Lumiere, HATED WD-50 in NYC (the tasting menu), she loved Alinea. Food more important than atmosphere. But LUNCH? on a Monday? Cheap good, expensive okay. We plan on going to Rialto for great $1, east coast oysters that evening, before she flies back to the West Coast.


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  1. Try Bina Osteria - great food at a reasonable price for the quality. And they are open for lunch (per their web site).

    1. i'll show some Love for the Lobster Spaghettini at Neptune Oyster.

      1. How about Hungry Mother? They're making waves that may splash in other cities.

        If I may ask, how does one become a food trendologist and/or track trends? It sounds... like a lot of fun.

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          lol - and what's the pay! (I may change jobs . . .)

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            HM does not serve lunch.

          2. A food trendologist, oh dear me...

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              Seriously! But I guess there is such a thing:


            2. Is Chacarero too casual? I thought it was an interesting mini-trend when other places started serving their own versions. I remember reading that ZSquare had one (before they closed), and I think ABP as well? Trend aside, it makes for a delicious lunch.