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Mar 19, 2009 03:43 PM

What is that mustard they serve at McSorleys?

I have been craving the cheese plate from McSorleys. Do you know what mustard they serve with it? Or something similar?


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  1. It is homemade. Mustard seeds mixed with light ale.

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      1. re: vegas

        Nevermind. That is the powder. I first thought you meant that they bought prepared mustard.

    1. You mean the mustard that sits on the table all the time?

      1. They use Coleman's Mustard Powder. Instead of using water in the recipe, they use their ale. I have heard that it's equal parts of their regular & dark ale, but I suspect it's only the regular ale. (Possibly to protect the actual recipe)
        Both varieties of McSorley's beer are now available in stores with a decent selection of brews.