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Mar 19, 2009 03:27 PM

Hunan House off Rt 29 just South of Clarksville

The menu reads "Laurel", but I don't consider that area Laurel. More like Fulton. This restaurant is in the Cherry Tree Shopping Center, the same shopping center as Zips Dry Cleaners.

We tried a couple items and felt the restaurant is better than most in the area. The menu is very large, including many Thai and some Indonesian and Japanese items. They have interesting variety. For example, in addition to Orange Chicken, they have also have Mango Chicken and Tangerian Chicken. Then there's the Walnut Shrimp which I'm very intrigued by. They also offer brown rice and have off-menu specials. I get the sense that someone here loves cooking and there could be some gems on the menu.

We had Vegetarian Spring Rolls which were perfect. I immediately sprung for the Cold Sesame Noodle w/ Cucumber & Peanut Sauce because I don't remember a restaurant in this part of Maryland ever offering this item. I always have to make it at home when the craving hits. Just average, to be honest, but I'm still excited to find it on the menu. We also had the Szechuan Shrimp. This came with baby shrimp like is common in New York (which I don't like, but my snobby SO loves), and I really appreciated that it was made in a spicy tomato sauce, like what my perception of Szechuan Shrimp is. There was no medley of vegetables, just onions. The sauce was not gloppy at all. Still average, but I think it's a solid base that can be improved upon with some specific requests to the kitchen.

Does anyone who lives in the area have recommendations?

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  1. Glad to see Hunan House is alive and well. When I lived in Columbia years ago, I ate at HH regularly. The crispy orange beef is so decadent and so good! But don't get it for takeout, it doesn't travel well.

    Also, isn't this Scaggsville??

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        Well, it's on Scagsville Rd, but I thought that was just the name of the road and that it doesn't necessarily mean there's a place called Scagsville. No offense, but Howard County has really odd and funny road names. ;)

        1. re: bmorecupcake

          lol blame Columbia and the trend it started. which is why I'm guessing places by columbia have the weird nature ish names.

          whispering willow way

      2. They've been there for ages and we used to get carryout from there a lot when my dh worked in the area. I didn't like the "Thai" food at all, but liked the Chinese-American dishes, especially the kung pao chicken and Chicken Marengo.