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Mar 19, 2009 03:19 PM

Knoxville TN Weekend Brunch

Any good suggestions???? We have weekend or longer guests arriving from Michigan and I haven't done brunch in 20 years!!

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  1. CopperCellar on Kingston Pike near West Town Mall. More casual-Sunspot on Cumberland in the UT area. Downtown with live music-the brewery near where the cowboy statue is located. Market Square-La Costa

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      I really like sunspot and delish

    2. The Bisto at the Bijou on Gay St. has great shrimp and grits covered with fried eggs. They have brunch on Saturday. They may be closed Sundays. Good food, not great cocktails at brunch. Also try Big Fatty's in Bearden. Good soul food spot with brunch on Sat. and Sunday. Copper Cellar also has a location on campus with a good brunch( i go just about every Sunday). The campus location has a brunch menu while the other location is a buffet. Both good. Campus is a little less expensive and more casual( more people with hangovers, less church crowd.)