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Mar 19, 2009 03:11 PM

Taking out a very smart man!

One of my academic heroes is coming to town and I have been given the honour of deciding where to take him for dinner! I thought I'd ask you guys for some help before making a decision.

We're going to be a group of 7 and our price limit is $50 per person, after tax and tip and wine if we have any. The guy we're taking out does not eat meat, although he does eat fish (the kind with fins - no shellfish). Sushi is not an option, but all other kinds of food are ok.

I was thinking maybe Poisson Rouge? Someone else suggested that Greek food would have a lot of fish options, but I've never been into Greek food so I didn't know any good Greek places.

Any help would be really appreciated!
Thanks :)

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  1. In the past when I had a similar budget, I was able to pull it off at Pintxo, even somewhat impressively.. But we didn't drink a lot:


    1. Try the Oyster Shack on Bishop.

      1. For Greek, you can try Ouzeri on St-Denis. Nice atmosphere, (definetely need reservation!), good wine list and not too expensive, very good food.

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          The last 2 times I went to Ouzeri it was terrible, and the other guests agreed.

          I would go more for family-style at Philinos on Parc Avenue.

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            I am sorry, but I am sticking to my Ouzeri recommendation. I have been going there for years and the food has always been consistently good. With the exception of one time when the waiter over-charged us, and another time when the waiter forgot to charge all the drinks and desserts, the service has also been great.
            leyb, I also recommend Decca 77 and l'Inconnu, both have $35-40 range table d'hôte; Lemeac for a late dinner. And of course APDC.

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              APDC when the OP's guest does not eat meat or shellfish? hmm.

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              I just went to Philinos for the first time last week and I thought it was great. We had the lamb, so I can't speak about the fish, but they did have a whole fish special (it was for 2 people).

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                Philinos is great, the best Greek imo (and yes, I've been to Ouzeri), but tough to do on $50 per, unless you skimp on apps or wine.

          2. Pintxos would be an excellent choice. Also you might wish to consider Ferreira, www.ferreiracafe.com, which has excellent seafood though it would be towards the higher end of your budget. If your are having dinner a bit later you might wish to consider Milos, milos.ca which features specials at $20 after 10 pm.

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              I second this rec. too, but also second that it will be tough at $50 per.

            2. Chinatown is an option often when on a budget with out of towners I choose Maison Guang Zhou on Lagauchetiere.They have delicious steamed ginger & shallot fish(type changes daily on freshness) King Prawn dumplings are light and tasty, the razor back clams are special (I know you said no shellfish but maybe for others) along with an extensive Chinese menu hand written on the wall. Wing the owner will spend time explaining all his Chinese specialities.tel:514-397-9410

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                I'd suggest Chinatown as well, also makes for a nice casual 'communal' style of dining where everyone shares the dishes - if you'd be interested in this.
                I'd suggest Beijing on Lagauchetiere. They usually have a few different choices of fresh fish, like walleye, tilapia, striped bass, and grouper. As finefoodie55 suggests, steamed whole is pretty damned good!

                Finefoodie55, is razor clams always on the menu at Guang Zhou? They were pretty regular at Beijing until last summer. Haven't had them there since.

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                  Oh yeah at Beijing and pretty much everywhere in Chinatwon, you can choose quite a few non-meat dishes and for $50/person, can eat like kings.