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Good Restaurants on the Upper East Side?!??


I'm moving from Brooklyn (Fort Greene) to the Upper East Side (gasp?!!).

Anyone have good recommendations for moderately priced restaurants there? Any genre would do.


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  1. try out BEYOGLU...Turkish
    Third Ave. and 81st.

    also check-out www.menupages.com

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    1. re: pbjluver

      I highly second Beyoglu. Also:
      La Cantina Toscana
      Bistro Chat Noir
      Wu Liang Ye


        1. re: LeahBaila

          La Cantina Toscana is gone and in place is a better restaurant - Cipolla Rossa. The menu is an improved Tuscan-based and as far as our dinner there 3 weeks ago, it was BYOB.

        2. re: LeahBaila

          Zocalo closed its now Flex Mussels. Have not been yet.

          1. re: trixareforkids

            Oh my...I did not know. When did this change? Thanks so much.


            1. re: LeahBaila

              yea when did this happen?! I live across the street!

              1. re: notsochubbychubette

                I take that back, i was thinking zaza

                "Zocalo on 82nd Street is now closed for renovations. We will be opening in November as Flex Mussels. Thank you for your patronage."

                1. re: notsochubbychubette

                  Holy smokes...I'm speachless. Thanks for filling me in. :(


                  1. re: LeahBaila

                    The same owners just turned it into another Cipolla Rossa location. Same menu as the uptown location and they made it BYO. So don't fret and enjoy!

        3. re: pbjluver

          All threads on Beyoglu finally end up with everyone admitting that they never order the entrees, only the apps. Beware of the entrees!

            1. re: MMRuth

              True, I have only had the vegetable mezze with the flat bread. Its great for a lunch.

            2. re: Brian W

              We've been to Beyoglu once. In addition to a variety of mezzes, we actually did order a main course -- the donner kebob, which turned out to be quite tasty.

          1. Cafe d'Alsace, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 88th St.


            Upscale Cafe Boulud, on 76th St., b/t 5th & Madison, serves a 3-course lunch prix-fixe for $24. Open for lunch Tues.-Sat.


            1. Welcome to the neighborhood. Where will you be living, more or less? Here are a couple of threads that may help:


              1. Felice for simple italian and good wine
                Pio Pio for a good piece of peruvian chicken

                1. You poor thing. I live UES and its pretty dull> Alot of good rec's here. JG Melons for a good burger.

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                  1. re: trixareforkids

                    Also Ottomanelli for burgers and fries - I prefer it to JG Melons.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      I must thank you, MMRuth, for re-introducing me to Ottomanelli. I love their burger and fries and what a bargain! I used to go years ago when they were on Madison @97th Street, but they had fallen off my radar. Going tonight for a burger, in fact! Much bigger, better, and cheaper than JG Melon.

                      1. re: MMRuth

                        The one on York or the one on Lexington?

                          1. re: City Kid

                            That's the one that I go to as well.

                    2. Welcome to the nabe!!!!

                      Rathbone's- burger & a beer

                      Cafe D'Alsace- brunch

                      Square Meal- semi-posh lunch

                      Fetch- brunch, Philly cheesesteaks, better bar food

                      Cilantro- Southwestern food & Margheritas


                      Buddha BeeBQ- This is a hole in the wall Korean BBQ , a healthier choice

                      Naruto Ramen- go on Monday nite for $6.50 bowl of ramen

                      You may also like the Auction House bar. It has a "downtown feel."

                      1. I've recently discovered Andre's Cafe (2nd & ?84th). Wonderful homemade soups, chicken crepe, chocolate babka. Hungarian home cooking. And I've been meaning to try Sotto Cinque (86th bet 1st & 2nd. Like the look of the menu - maybe locals up there can give you/us real information about that one.

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                        1. re: Jane A.

                          Second Andre's. Also add Square Meal for an amazing grilled cheese, Alice's Teacup for scones, Two Little Red Hens for a bakery, Corner Bakery as a bakery and for brunch, second Beyoglu, Via Quadronno for coffee, Table D'Hote for brunch.

                          The Vegetarian New Yorker: http://vegny.blogspot.com/

                          1. re: shivohum

                            I love the coffee at Via Quadronno. And, I've never had the grilled cheese at Square Meal - will have to try it sometime. I really have enjoyed everything I've eaten there.

                            1. re: MMRuth

                              Yeah, enjoy, and report back :-).

                              Also, Ichiro for Japanese food is quite tasty.

                              The Vegetarian New Yorker: http://vegny.blogspot.com/

                        2. a few off the top of my head in assorted styles and price ranges:

                          flex mussels
                          naruto ramen
                          etas unis
                          york grill
                          tatany 72
                          tenzan sushi
                          italian village pizza

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                          1. re: thew

                            love love love Italian Village Pizza (on First btwn 79th and 80th)
                            the best eggplant parm heroes
                            wonderful service

                            1. re: pbjluver

                              Glaser's Bakery
                              Cipolla Rosa
                              Gauchas Latino Bistro
                              Nick's Pizza
                              Sushi Suki
                              Our Place (Chinese)

                          2. Ditto the York Grill. Sotto Cinque is iffy....

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                            1. re: Gelaine

                              i think that in almost any other city it would be a destination restaurant - here its an unknown neighborhood place

                              1. re: thew

                                I had one very disappointing dinner at York Grill. Maybe I should try it again some time.

                                1. re: City Kid

                                  since i moved from the 80's to the 70's, not to mention became (sigh) a single parent, i dont go so much anymore (NYC is funny like that) so the quality may have dropped in the last few years. but i was a regular diner there for many years previous to that and always enjoyed it.

                            2. welcome to the hood! there are places to eat...in addition to the other posters' recommendations, I would also add

                              spigolo (82nd and 2nd)

                              the wine bar at etats unis (82nd, just west of 2nd). Its across the street from the restaurant. You can order their menu or the one at the wine bar. Make sure to pre order the chocolate souffle, great lobster club, guac, and mohitos..can be crowded as its small.

                              Land (thai restaurant) cheap and delicious

                              Payard (pastries, croque monsieur, great for snack/coffee, more expensive dinner

                              Tiramisu, Brio, Bella Blu. All reliable, solid italian but ask about prices for the specials at Bella--learned this the hard way.

                              Candle Cafe and Candle 79 --vegan/healthy organic. candle 79 more expensive.

                              ko sushi ( I think much better than Haru) you can eat there and they also deliver

                              cipolla rossa which another poster listed. they now have a second location on 60th/1st. trying it tomorrow nite. will report back to the group.

                              barking dog (two locations, 78th/york and one in the 90s on lex maybe? good, fresh diner food, make a great cobb, also delivers...

                              follow me cafe (62nd, just east of lex)

                              fig and olive (lex between 62nd/3rd) sort of on the fence about this one as it seems to not be as good as it was and also more expensive

                              1. First of all, Barking Dog is 94th and Third. Also, why doesn't anyone ever mention Itzakan (sp?) It is 101 and Lex and definitely the best restaurant uptown. I also endorse Etats Unis, but I don't think it is moderately priced.

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                                1. re: JC2

                                  I do mention Bistro Itzocan sometimes - I think it might be in some of the threads that I linked to above - and I agree with you that it is an excellent restaurant. I've not tried Barking Dog.

                                  1. re: MMRuth

                                    Just wanted to add another vote for Cipolla Rossa. The branzino special was quite good and the BYOB makes it even more desirable.

                                    1. re: hopegoode

                                      Both locations are terrific...love the entrees and you can't beat the $7 panninis -- I loved the wild boar sausage and broccoli rabe one!

                                2. Fort Greene to the UES?? -- poor you.

                                  I was stuck on the UES last week and went to Beyoglu because I saw a comment somewhere that it was the only reason to trek to the UES for a meal. I was sceptical but was truly shocked by how good it was. Like everyone else, I only had the mezzes, but they were FABULOUS and cheap.

                                  I also second Itzocan, the owners run the place with love and the food is interesting and good.

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                                  1. re: chowbeth

                                    I wouldn't say that Beyoglu is the *only* reason to trek up here. (grin) That said, there is a lot of mediocre chow to be had.

                                  2. Wings and Sandwiches:- International Wings Factory
                                    Italian :-Uva
                                    Thai:-Up Thai
                                    Lobster Rolls :-Lukes Lobsters
                                    Chinese :- Wa Jeal
                                    Naruto Ramen