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Mar 19, 2009 02:25 PM

Special occasion dinner

I'm looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, and am thinking somewhere perhaps a bit chic, or amusingly formal - price is no object, and any food type would do, as long as it's worth the cost. Have thought of the Beaver Club, where I've never been, but I've a feeling it may be way past its prime (and the one photo on the QE hotel website makes the dining room look like a seventies basement). Also wondering about XO, though there isn't much feedback on it on chowhound. I went to Chez La Mere Michel about 10 years ago for a similar occasion, and it already felt quite faded at the time. Bronte looks like it's gone downhill. Any other ideas, a bit off the usual chowhound beaten path ?

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  1. The 2, 3 places that are worth it these days are :

    "La Montée"
    "Le Club Chasse et Pèche"
    "La Porte"

    maybe more expensive :
    "La Chronique"

    I would write Beaver Club off the list, not that it's bad (from recent reviews), but because it's a hotel restaurants, and while it's impressive, it's not really representative of today's montreal resto-scene.

    my memories from it date from the early 80s on new-years day; so YMMV.

    1. I went to Graziella a couple of months ago and we were all impressed with everything we ate and drank. The decor is quite nice, the service is good and,the most important of all, the food is excellent. We ate a bit of each other's plates and we were all impressed and everything was excellent. I had osso bucco, my brother had magret de canard, my parents had veal. The appetizers were excellent also, scallops, duck, and their wine list is also good. I recommend it without an inch of doubt.

      1. I would add DNA to that list. Everything that I have had there has been excellent.

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          I would not write off Bronte; one person posted a bad review here recently, but I've been there twice this winter and everything was above excellent, the place was booming and it's quite chic. The 9 other suggestions above are also very good, I've only been to 4 of them but I hear good things about the others. Graziella is next on my list.

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            I'm the poor sod who gets lousy food at places others rave about. Two restaurants i would not return to to under any circumstances, because the food was so bad, are Bronte and Club Chasse et Peche.

            On the othe hand, I have had great meals at Toqué. PDC, Européa, Ferreira, and Chez L'Epicier.

            1. re: souschef

              Well, ended up going to XO - thanks for y'all's suggestions, but most of them were a well-trod path for me, and did not fill the "chic/formal" part of the equation. The dinner at XO was overall fine. Service was about what you'd expect for such a place, a tad overpresent but overall efficient, and definitely not snotty. The food was good, a bit on the inventive side, but nothing overdone - apart from an odd fondness of the chef for 'spumas', which were everywhere. Prices were what you'd expect for a fine restaurant, nothing extravagant - much less than what you'd pay at a flashy St-Laurent resto or other tourist places like Queue de cheval.