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Top Chef's 21 city tour

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Here's the New Orleans date, but not much more.
Maybe someone who saw the (????) four city tour last year could tell us what to expect.


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    1. re: nikkihwood

      And yet still nothing at Bravo's site, which your linked article sends you to "to sign up for free admission".

      I wonder if this year's tour sign-up will be as screwed up as last year's was.

      1. re: LindaWhit

        The Bravo link appears to be up now:


        However, you still can't click on most of the cities for more info as claimed and they have canceled some 3:00 p.m. shows. Perhaps, based on the press release posted by the futon critic and linked above, is that, in part, they are still looking for "affiliates."

        1. re: intuitive eggplant

          I have been checking the bravo site for weeks looking for info on
          the boston date for the top chef tour. I am so frustrated. No infro on dates, times or location. I heard 5/25 (in the Boston Herald), then I heard 5/15 here. What's up? I don't want to miss out. Anyone know?

          1. re: elizdesm

            As I noted a month ago, last year's tour was screwed up. Sounds like they're continuing that tradition this year.

            1. re: elizdesm

              Here's a report from the Kansas City tour stop. If you're looking for Housewives and putt-putt, you may want to pursue. If you're looking for TC, maybe not so much.