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Mar 19, 2009 01:47 PM

oishi sushi - finch ave

I received a flyer in the mail for a new restaurant..oisi sushi on finch ave. west
The flyers states that they have all you can eat...over 300 items.
$9.99 adult...lunch...dinner $17.99 (add $3.00 for weekends and holidays).
Anyone been?

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    You mean here, right? Most of their stuff a la carte (haven't done the buffet) is pretty decent, though hub said the "spicy" sauce was a bit "off"

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    1. re: jo_jo_ba

      thanks so much...i will go check it out.

    2. It's actually pretty good. The Japanese menu is a la carte while the Chinese menu is buffet style. You can have both for $17.99. The Japanese menu has good variety and the fish are fresh. The service is quick and courteous. The place is clean and cozy.

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      1. re: Truenorth2002

        I tried the place for lunch. While parking, I wondered about the signs saying 30 minute time limit. Heck, the other day, I sat chatting with an associate for almost 2-1/2 hours over lunch. Once inside they seemed extremely disorganized and confused. (At one point the staff were arguing, try to determine who was at fault for some order screw-up.) I ordered my drink of choice - water and was disappointed to see that it was served without ice, which over the years I've learned to be a signal that "we're peeved that you didn't order a drink with a price". (I drink water because it is my favourite drink - not because I'm cheap.) I went to the buffet and few things were labeled correctly. I was your standard, cheaply run Chinese buffet fare. I sample a few items, and decided it wasn't worth a second round.

        There's no Sashimi at lunchtime, and I'm not a sushi fan, but I should point out that the sushi is made to order.

        And yes, I was out in 30 minutes! And I won't be returning. Maybe I should start a pool on when this place will fold. It would have been easier to find a few tasty things down the street at Mandarin, and I'm not a fan of it.

        1. re: OTFOODIE

          so i checked this place today and needless to say , I should have known better.
          The sushi was indeed made to order, but nothing special.
          The maki rolls were again, made to order but nothing special.
          The buffet (which is included in the $9.99 all you can eat)...wasnt even worth trying.
          We wont be going back.
          I should have known better....grrrr!!

          1. re: domesticgodess

            "The flyers states that they have all you can eat...over 300 items."

            ...and nowhere near 300 items! They don't even have the space for a fraction of that!

            I'll give the place until June. By then they'll be gone.

      2. We live nearby and just tried this place today for the first time as it was Easter Sunday and we had no food in the house. We both love sushi and were decently impressed with the quality of this place for an all-you-can-eat. It was a bit disorganized and there were children running around screaming, but our waitress was friendly and the sushi was tasty. The Chinese buffet was also more than adequate.

        For the price and for the area, this place is highly recommended. I can see me walking over from York after class to go back, it's only slightly more expensive than campus food ($9.99 weekday lunch buffet) and much, much better.

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          I tried this place about a month ago for takeout on the way home from work and I was not impressed....first of all, I waited about 40 minutes for take out. At that point I already wasn't coming back. I was watching the "chef" prepare the sushi....had to do something to entertain myself for that long. There was a main chef who was better, but the one I was watching was overstuffing the maki, realizing that they were not going to close properly, opening them up, removing some of the content, trying again. Then they all fell apart on him when cutting and he had to start again. He had a couple of rolls ahead of mine and I think the fact that I was watching was making him nervous. I took a walk to the buffet and they definitely did not have 300 items. It looked O-K. When I was paying for my order, they didn't deduct the 10% for take out like they advertised. When I mentioned it, it took them a while to figure out what buttons to press on the register to return $3-something to me. Finally when I got home to eat the sushi, the sashimi was average (for the area), but the part that I really didn't like was the strange soggy and chewy seaweed in the maki. I ended up picking the rolls apart because I couldn't chew through the seaweed. I'm in on the pool on when this place will fold =)

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