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Mar 19, 2009 01:36 PM

Marliave-RW- anyone go yet?

Looks like the entire (revamped) menu is available and it looks hard to decide what to get! Any suggestions/reviews of what's best?

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  1. I've been there for lunch several times, but don't know if the dinner menu is different. I have loved the burger, and the Croque Monsieur (or was it Croque Madame) -- they are quite rich, but lovely.

    1. Interested in the responses as I'm going there for RW lunch next week.

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        We are tool. Hoping someone can be specific about it!

      2. I'm going for dinner on Saturday, so I'd be interested in a response as well. The menu looked so good!

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          OK, since there's interest, here's a report:

          The place was only about half full, but lively enough. They gave us the choice of eating upstairs or down and we chose upstairs. The menu choices were different than what is listed on the RW menu on the restaurantweekboston site, but many things were the same. I was disappointed that the much-praised clam chowder wasn't on the menu. I asked the server and he said they had 'run out'. At least the day before, then, since it wasn't on the printed menu at all. The foie gras sliders weren't on either.

          So I started with some escargot, they were a little bland. More garlic, parsley and oil would have helped. Oddly, there was melted cheese below each snail. My DC had the 'oxtail' which was a large ravioli, stuffed with a little meat in a bit of broth, caramelized onions and more melted cheese. Kind-of French onion soup flavors. Both apps were OK, but not great.

          For mains, I was intrigued by the Beef Wellington, as that's not common these days. I was also tempted by the 'pot roast' as it sounds like it's really shortribs, but the waiter steered me to the BW. I should have gone with my first thoughts- the BW was really bland. The puff pastry wasn't very crisp on the top and gummy on the bottom. It was listed as having duxelles and foie gras, but there was very little of the duxelles and I think the rest was just some regular liver pate. There were no veggies on the plate, and very little sauce. It was just dull. It desperately needed salt. However, the meat was tender and med-rare as advertised.

          DC got the trout which was much better, although really salty! It was presented like a shrimp sandwich with the trout for bread. There were three grilled shrimp, some spinach, tomatoes and LOTS of capers. It wasn’t knock your socks off, but at least it had flavor and was competently cooked.

          For desserts we had the bread pudding and panna cotta. The bread pudding was more bread than pudding- it stayed a perfect square when cut. The sauce was more of a firm caramel drizzle than a good rich sauce. The panna cotta was smooth, creamy and tasted intensely of vanilla. It came with a berry/balsamic sauce, but there was so little, just a thin coating on the plate, it didn’t really add anything but color. But the panna cotta was nice anyway.

          My meal would have been better had I not chosen the beef Wellington. Everything would have been better with a bit more sauce and better seasoning. Service was fine and the room was nice. My DC said he would go back, but I’m not in a hurry.

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            Thanks for the review. This is rather disappointing about the food, and in addition, it almost seems like false advertising when the actual menu is not the same as the online RW menu.

            I might cancel our reservation... looks like Clink can be an alternative.

            1. re: silver queen

              You and I had the exact same meal! escargot > beef wellington > panna cotta, too funny. I agree %100 about the escargot - tasty but a bit too bland - and my wellington had the same gummy pastry problem. It was also practically raw on the inside... not quite the "med rare" advertised on the menu. My husband had rarebits > trout > cheese plate, so entree swapping was a pleasure. The rarebits were tasty (how can you screw up melted cheese and bacon?) but the cheese plate was AWFUL, imho. I am normally a huge fan of cheese, and am not easily offput by strong flavors, but euuuch!

              We had a nice time regardless, and I would definitely go back. Service was excellent, and the atmosphere was lovely. I thought that the menu was quite expansive for RW, also - much more than the usual 3 choices per course!

              1. re: erinire

                Just had lunch there today. Overall okay, but nothing special. While the restaurant was not crowded, the food took a very long time to come out for each course. I ordered the tomato soup to start, and my DC picked the mussels. The first course took about 40 minutes to come out. My soup was okay, but had a somewhat sour taste to it that could have perhaps been remedied by roasting the tomatoes with a little sugar. DC's mussels were good, but the portion was small which I suppose is to be expected during RW.
                My DC had the trout for his main, and said the flavors were quite good (accompanied by spinach, capers and tomatoes) and that the fish was properly cooked. I ordered the rarebits as a second course, but asked for them without bacon. Unfortunately, the dish came with bacon which I only found out after the server's departure due to the lid on the skillet. The dish was still nice (cheesy goodness!), but our server was no where to be found for the next 20 minutes.
                When she returned she did apologize for the delay and mistakes with the food though.
                DC had the panna cotta which was really the highlight of the meal - super creamy with a great vanilla flavor. I was deciding between the mixed berries and the cheese course. Unfortunately, the server could not tell me anything about the cheese - she said that the kitchen was basically putting out different selections on each plate. This was a bit of a disappointment, but I guess I just need to chalk it up to catering to a bigger crowd during RW.
                In any case, I ended up ordering the berries and asked for a Kir Royale to accompany it. Server did not know what the cocktail was so went to ask the bar if they could make it. No problem there, but she returned to confirm that they had found some peach schnapps and could indeed make the Kir Royale. Blech! I was pretty surprised that the barkeep did not know how to make this drink or couldn't at least look it up, given what I've heard about mixology at this place. I promptly ordered a glass of prosecco, and that was that.
                Given the good things I've heard about this place and the better points of our meals, I'll return for a second try. But overall, a bit disappointing.

              2. re: silver queen

                When I went, I was also compelled to order the Beef Wellington and was unimpressed with the results. The foie actually made the meat taste worse, and indeed, the puff pastry was gummy - that is probably a product of them being cooked individually, not giving the pastry enough time to cook through, versus a whole Beef Wellington, which takes longer to cook.

                The rarebits, on the other hand, were fabulous - I would definitely go back to sit at the bar for that and some drinks.

            2. If the menu isn't what was posted, maybe we'll cancel too ......

              Doesn't sound very promising.

              Plus the reports about the cheese plate are troublesome.

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              1. re: C. Hamster

                I've found that their food generally is too salty for my taste.

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  THAT's not good.

                  Restaurants that can't properly season their food lose a lot of respect in my book. It's rule #1 of cooking.

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                    Just a note... we went during non-RW and my roasted chicken with mushroom risotto was terrible. Had a sour taste and the risotto was made with white regular (button?) mushrooms. I expected a lot more.

                    I am all about the drinks though! I hope they turn the downstairs into bar-only.

              2. Went there today @ 12:25. The downstairs was fairly empty and the upstairs maybe 2/3 full.

                The service was RIDICULOUSLY, unbelievably slow. People were leaving before dessert. It felt like a scene from Hell's Kitchen.

                Our entree took one hour and ten minutes to be served. One of my DC's had to rearrange a 2:00 conference call.

                Service also fairly inattentive. We got no bread and olives like the other tables did (we didn't realize they did until our apps were served otherwise we would have asked for it). No refilled water, no inquiries about how we like the food. He was busy, for sure, but not that busy.

                Apps: Rarebits = good, though bread tasted like stale brioche. Steak tips were very good, though unevenly cooked (one tip might be bloody and the other two med well).

                Entrees: They had run out of ruebens at 12:45. Ravioli was a tough and thick and the filling was salty. Unremarkable. Would not order again. Trout was interesting presentation (shrimp sandwiched between two thin filets of trout ) and besides being a bit salty it was pretty tasty. Sunday sauce and gnocchi took a while to be served but it was very meaty, probably too meaty, as it was basically a stew, but was said to be pretty good. There is a similar dish on grotto' menu that is much more expertly done.

                As my DC had rearranged his call, we were one of the few tables that I saw that was served dessert. Most others skipped it or took it to go. Bread pudding came with different ice cream than described. Heavy but OK. Panna Cotta in rhubarb sauce was gorgious and good.

                The upstairs room is very nicely done, downstairs smelled like some kind of strong cleaner and was less than inviting.

                I am a huge fan of Grotto and exected better.

                I will go again, for sure, though. I would love to hang out at the bar and have some smaller bites some night after work.

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                  I can't believe they still have that cleaning fluid smell going on. It's gross.