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Mar 19, 2009 01:05 PM

Need advice for lunch this Saturday

I've narrowed my choices down to a few restaurants. I know these are kind of across the board, but I'm just looking for somewhere good I haven't been before.


Luke - I've been but only had appetizers



I'm down for other places I've just heard good things about these places. My dinner destinations were predetermined because I'm coming down with a group.

Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. All great choices But Commanders Palace if you have never been is a diamond at lunch plus 25 cent martinis!!

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    1. re: joedontexan

      I'm doing everything in my power not to go to Commanders, it's easily one of my favorite restaurants in the world, but I seriously go there every single time I'm in New Orleans. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      1. re: klebb

        Commander's does brunch not lunch on Sat. I believe 25 cent martinis only M-F. Cuvee lunch Th, F only. How about Galatoire's? No jacket for lunch. Perhaps the courtyard at Martinique.

    2. Saturday ought to be a nice day.......get a table on the patio at Bayona.

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      1. re: BayouTeche

        BT, I didn't know Bayona had a patio, that sweetens the deal.

        Thanks for the input.

        1. re: klebb

          You can sit outside at Boucherie, too. It's great. I've eaten there for lunch the past two Fridays. Get the tureen, if they have one as a special. The mussels are very good, too. Heck, everything we had was good. I didn't try the bbq shrimp poboy, but it didnt' look like anything special. I'm not saying go there. All your choices are good. I'm just high on Boucherie right now because it's a new place to eat.

      2. It's a sorrow to have to choose........and Boucherie is a jewel. Others on your list have longevity and'll likely be for a while. Boucherie has that adolecent "anything-is-possible"
        thing going (in the very best sense) and the mouth treats are many. Just one very satisfied opinion.....