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my jazz fest restaurant line up-need feedback

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Hi everyone I just need some advice as to whether or not this is a good group of restaurants I have planned to go to:

Wed: dinner at lukes
Thurs: Clanceys
Friday: Cafe Minh
Sat: I have reserations at both stella and Conchon

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  1. Looks good, but Cafe Minh is questionable. What makes you want to go there?

    1. Not a fan of Clancy's. Cafe Minh is good for a change if you live in NOLA. Were I just visiting, I'd go elsewhere.

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        I love Clancy's. Stella, Cochon and Luke also very good. Cafe Minh? Never been. Hey, that rhymes.

      2. I would also caution that any place even remotely near Jazz Fest, which Cafe Minh would likely qualify for, you may want to audible out of.