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Mar 19, 2009 12:52 PM

Oregano from Sicily

Is this Sicilian oregano as amazing as this article says it is?

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  1. I cook with Greek or Sicilian dried oregano and find that it has a stronger flavour and more pungent scent then other/regular oregano. I once read that most locally available oregano is in fact a mexican herb but can't recall which (maybe marjoram?). Even the Greek variety that I grow in my garden doesn't compare to the dried imported version.

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      Interesting. I am jealous you can grow herbs! I have no outdoor space at the moment. I use Dominican oregano that I find at Hispanic stores. I wonder how it compares to Greek or Sicilian?

    2. Oregano hunting for me is like finding the right wedding dress for a bride --draining tiresome work but rewarding in the end. I'm presently using some dried oregano from Southern Italy [Calabria], but I know something out there that rivals it -- Sicilian. I've tried Greek, Turkish, Dominican [the worst], and they all don't compare to the plants indigenous to Sicily. Maybe it's the air, the soil, the plant variety, whatever, but the Sicilians have the best.
      Now to finish what I have.