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Mar 19, 2009 12:50 PM

Long Island: where can i buy fish right on the dock at boatside??

probably referring to day boats, party boats and maybe commercial boats.

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  1. As far as I know you can't last summer I offered to buy some monkfish from a crew unloading their catch not only did they decline the offer but appeared somewhat angry.The Capt explained that he can loose his licence and boat anyway you can buy from fishermen off a party or charter boat such as in Captree

    1. Possibly in Montauk, but you'd have to know somebody first. Like buying drugs. The DEC is more than strict about that type of thing. Commercial boats are only allowed to take in the most ridiculously small amount of fish nowadays, so they might not have any to spare anyway.
      Why not go out on a charter and catch your own? Freeport or Montauk.

      1. My dad always goes to Freeport for fresh fish, scallops freshly caught and still in the shell (delicious!) and all sorts of seafood. He asks the fish store what day the boat is planning on returning from a trip and he'll just go back the day the boat is supposed to arrive. My dad has been getting seafood from the same place for probably years and years. However, I think the food must be moved from the boat and into the building to purchase.. The store is right next to the water where the boat docks. I'll ask him the name of the place and post if you're interested.

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          I think the place you might be talking about is Two Cousins????

          1. re: lrbarbie

            Could be.. it sounds familiar. I will be having dinner with pops tonight and will ask him. Is that the experience you have had at Two Cousins? What do you think of the place?

            1. re: QueenPeach

              honestly I have not been there since i was a kid! but i remember it being really fresh.

              1. re: lrbarbie

                I asked and it's 2 cousins. My dad loves that place!

        2. Star Island Yacht Club. The charters come in & don't have enough room for all the fish they caught. I've gotten free tuna, flounder, fluke, bluefish. Life is good.

          1. Freeport, specifically along Woodcleft is probably closest to get fish boatside. There are several markets that offer a wide variety. Years ago there were a few boats along the canal that would sell but those days are long gone. I would be careful buying fish from charters or party boats. Fish has to be handled carefully to avoid a whole number of quality and safety issues and a recreational fisherman might not take the proper precautions.