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Mar 19, 2009 12:49 PM

Hosting a bridal shower at a rental house out of town. Please help with menu ideas and favorite Costco apps.

My sister, now living in Minnesota, is hosting a bridal shower for a college roommate in Arizona. The shower will be held around 2 pm, outside. Following the shower, the ladies are going to head out to dinner and cocktails for a bachellorett party. So, we are trying to put together some food ideas that are kind of "appetizer-ish" that don't require alot of work since she will not have her full range of kitchen ingredients to work with. I suggested keeping it simple with fruit, veggies, cheese, dessert and maybe a couple of warm frozen/packaged apps from Costco. Do you have any other suggestions or comments and favorite appetizers from Costco? I know she would appreciate all the help.

Thank you!

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  1. I like the appetizer sized spanikopitas at Costco - everyone I serve them to likes them too.

    1. The shrimp cocktail is consistently very decent. The rolled sandwiches could be cut into bit size pieces.
      Get the mini crabcakes!!
      The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are great.

      1. 2 p.m. outside in Arizona.

        Where and what month?

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        1. The quiche is decent - could bring canapé cutters to create finger food sized pieces.

          1. The frozen samosas are my secret (bottom of the freezer) snack. I eat it with a spicy/fruity jam (eg apple & jalipeno or chutney, mango & chili) or chutney. The sabra hummus, the tzatziki, and the edemame are also good. And of course the frozen uncooked shrimp - just boil and make a big bowl with any dips you find.