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Mar 19, 2009 12:42 PM

Birthday lunch in Milan?

Hello everyone! I've read a lot of posts on this board about Milan restaurants (and I've been there many times), but I'm having trouble picking one for my upcoming birthday celebration... My dream is to take over Latteria for lunch, but they won't even let us make a reservation for 10 people, so that dream is crushed. The other place I frequent for lunch is Peck (the cafe/bar), but it's not a particularly charming place to turn 30. Can anyone recommend somewhere that would be nice for a group of 10-12, plus not too expensive, plus good food, plus more charming than Peck? Tall order right? :)
Many thanks!

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  1. One great place for a birthday in company (I had my own birthday there last month!) is a newly opened Lebanese restaurant in the Corso Sempione zone, Lyr:

    Address: Corso Sempione, 48 - 20145 Milan
    Tel.: 02.33612490

    Charming... it's charming, very classy interior and nice decor. Especially if you decide to reserve the private dining area at lower lever, your friends will be impressed.
    There are 50 eur menus, but probably you can get away with less at lunchtime asking to prepare a big mezza.

    It's a new place, you don't find much information around, I just found a fine review here:

    Enjoy :-)

    1. Have you been to Bagutta? It's a charming restaurant that specializes in seafood and has a great atmosphere (literary decorations, comfy rooms,etc). 14/16 via Bagutta.