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German or Polish Food

Now on the hunt for places in Monmouth or Ocean to have either german or polish food.
Any ideas?

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  1. Have not been there but Fritzy's for German on Hwy 9 in Howell has been identified by some on this board to be good. If you find a Polish one let me know.

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      We used to love Fritzy's under the original ownership. Some of the best German food around. However, when it was sold, we stayed away because everything I read indicated that the quality went seriously downhill. I heard that it had closed, but there was a post recently saying it was still open.

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        I dined recently at Fritzy's and was absolutely delighted. I had the traditional wiener schnitzel and was very satisfied. With spaetzel and delightful gravy it was an ultimate comfort food experience. The house salad with German vinaigrette was great, as was the soup. The black forest cake was a treat too. Fresh, light and fruity. The service was friendly and efficient and I really look forward to returning soon. http:/www./fritzysrestaurant.net/

      2. For German specialties, you cannot beat the German Butcher in Toms River. It's a deli, though, not a restaurant.


        Similarly, Milletto in Brielle has a nice selection of Polish delicacies.


        Finally, there is a German restaurant in Red Bank at which we had a lousy, albeit "entertaining: experience.


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          Stopped at Mileto
          Did some take out just to try this place, had it for lunch today, only tried one of each - total price to sample was just 3.00.

          Pierogies - AMAZING!
          Mini Potato Pancakes - Very Good
          Stuffed Cabbage - Good - next time will ask for it with the sauce on the side

          For Dessert - They had Zebra Brownies - Multi Layer Brownie
          Really unique and Very Good!

        2. German places have thinned out recently .
          For Polish go to South River ! Krakowiak on Main St is excellent and Polonia on Whitehead is another good one . There is also a decent Polish place on Jernee Mill Rd in Sayreville just across the river from South River .

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            Where are those two establishments in South RIver ? Do you have some directions or even a street # ? The reason I ask is because we drove up there last month and couldn't find either one :-( :-( Lots of Hispanic eateries on the main street but never saw Krakowiak. Also if someone can let us know the name of the Polish restaurant in Sayreville and its street #, that would be great ! Thanks very much....

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              for Krakowiak. There's a red awning with gold letters and a generic 'open' sign with the red and blue on the window. It is easy to miss.

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                If you found the Main Street in South River then coming from Sayreville Krakowiak is on the left about a block and a half from the river . There is some sort of deli across the street from
                it .

            2. I realize this is not in Ocean or Monmouth, but maybe it's worth the trip if you are looking for authentic German food. A place called Sebastian's Schnitzel Haus near Fort Dix. Note: it's a bit hard to find, it's BYOB, and there are scary dolls, hundreds of them, on display at the restaurant. The dolls are a bit creepy, but the potato pancakes were pretty good. Huge portions, so go hungry. We only went once, but had a nice meal there.

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                This place looks nice mrs chow! Thanks for the post!! I miss Fritzy's and have not had German food in ages!

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                  Ditto, Angelina! But the sudden music on Sebastian's website nearly knocked me off my chair! lol

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                    ha ha!! You know, the first time I went to the site, my speakers were off....I just heard that!! I must say, it still beats when every place around here has Frank Sinatra playing over and over.

              2. Agree with Arpad, South River is Polish heaven. Have not been to Polonia but cab vouch for Krakowiak. It is very good.

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                  Thanks so much - Making a plan to go next Saturday to one of these places - likely Krakowiak.
                  Will report back!

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                    For all things South River see the following discussion:


                    You should also take a look at RMcMurphy's blog:


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                      Oh yeah - I had forgotten about that post!

                      South River is certainly the Polock Mecca. While your therew, don't forget to stop by European Provisions for twice smoked bacon, fresh kielbalsa, etc. It's worth having to get on 18!

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                        If you follow Jernee Mill Rd to the end and make a right you get to European Provisions !

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                          No, that's Continental Provisions - in the "Old Bridge" section of East Brunswick on Main St., aka "Bordentown Ave" or "County Rt. 615".

                          "European Home Made Provisions" is on Old Bridge Turnpike (Rt. 527) in EB, between Icker and Devoe.

                2. Might not be Monmouth or Ocean, but if you're ever out in Burlington County, Sebastian's is worth a try:

                  Sebastian's Schnitzel Haus
                  (609) 724-9609
                  43 Fort Dix St, Wrightstown, NJ 08562

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                    For that matter the Dutchman's Brauhaus on the Causeway out to LBI is worth while !


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                      Oh,no.. not the Dutchman. I have to respectfully disagree. I have spent many years going to the Dutchman (my family has had a house on LBI since 1968), and it has gone seriously downhill. The food is horrible, they haven't updated the interior in 20 years, and the hostesses are downright hostile. We try it again every summer in the hopes that it's gotten better, and always are disappointed. Go for the view and the beer (excellent), but do yourself a favor and don't eat there.

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                        If you're going to drive to LBI, faster to hit Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn, in Staten Island. Before you say too far - it's 15 miles, door to door, from Matawan, NJ.

                        Best beer selection in the entire area. And the pretzels are to die for.

                  2. Gosh, what a shame about the Little Kraut; I used to like that place.

                    If you want to travel a little farther afield, Heinz's Gasthaus, 29 Church St., Windsor, (middlesex county) 609-448-7144 used to be excellent, but I haven't been there for several years.

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                    1. re: Mr. Bingley

                      Heinz' Gasthaus is no more - replaced by an Italian restaurant Amarone's .

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                        oh that's too bad. thanks for the update!

                    2. In a few months going to Poland, wanted to sample what we have in Jersey as a baseline - this thread was a big help. Anyone seen Blueberry Pierogies down here in central/south jersey?

                      They have them up north at Royal Warsaw - anyone been there?
                      Some other choices for Polish in NJ

                      1. Had a chance to take out a feast from Krakowiak last week.

                        We really enjoyed our meals!

                        The group of us shared everything! They even had Blueberry Pierogies as a blackboard special that day!! They were AMAZING! Love the mushroom sauce as well.
                        Typed up a copy of the menu for everyone. The price point is SO reasonable - there was lots of food for everyone!!

                        Krakowiak Restaurant
                        Authentic Polish Cuisine

                        Chicken Soup
                        Ukrainian Borscht
                        Soup of the Day

                        Platter Krakow Style 7.75
                        Stuffed Cabbage 2 pcs Kielbasa, Bigos – traditional Polish Stew, 2 pcs Pierogies

                        Stuffed Cabbage 7.75
                        3 pcs Stuffed Cabbage
                        Served with Mushroom or Tomato Sauce

                        Pierogies 4.75
                        8pcs Pierogies Select Sauerkraut & Mushroom Potato & cheese or combination sautéed and topped with onions and bacon bits

                        Pork Chop 7.75
                        Pork Cutlet Breaded and Seasoned coated with breadcrumbs with potatoes and side salad

                        Chicken Cutlet 7.75
                        Chicken Cutlet breaded and seasoned coated with breadcrumbs with mashed potatoes and side salad

                        Spare Ribs in Sauerkraut 7.75
                        Served with Potatoes

                        Meatballs in Gravy 7.75
                        Served with mushroom gravy, potatoes, cucumber salad

                        Fresh Cut Beef Goulash 7.75
                        House made polish style goulash with chunks of beef served with potatoes and side salad

                        Krakow Style Hunter Stew 6.00
                        Made from Sauerkraut, polish smoked meats, herbs and spices, served with rye break

                        Potato Pancakes 5.75

                        Blackboard Specials!

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                          Those prices are good but that's the lunch menu . Dinner is a bit higher - the Krakow Style platter is $ 10.50 at dinner - still a great bargain and my personal favorite !
                          Not in Monmouth county but not too far north you could try Big Stash' in Linden - on Wood Ave just a block east of Rte 1 . They have a liquor license .
                          You might also look in at the Polish Provision market on Wood Ave - three or four blocks west of Rte 1 .
                          Back to South River / Sayreville - there's Polonia = a more casual place just a few blocks from Main St. on your right in a small shopping center . Think it's on Jernee Mill Rd , the first street in Sayreville as you come over the Causeway from South River .

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                            Krakowiak is one of the best kept secrets or low profile restaurants around. Usually a group of us go for lunch. Have not been for dinner in about a year. Have to remedy that.