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Mar 19, 2009 11:57 AM

bklyn and queens: freshest, highest quality produce??

from street corner mom and pops to big chains and seasonal outdoor markets

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  1. The Green Pea on Atlantic Avenue, between Court and Clinton, has excellent produce. Bonus: it's very near Sahadi's, Oriental Grocery, and Trader Joes, so you can make a grocery shopping day of it.

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      I second that recommendation, and the nearby stores are great. Just want to point out that there's an "outpost" of Green Pea called K&Y on Court between DeGraw & Douglass. Same quality and prices, and easier parking if you're traveling by car.

    2. I say go for high turnover and Chinese Veg. markets on 8th Ave
      have the highest I've seen - go there.

      1. in queens-
        82nd st produce, 7 to 82nd st stop. serious variety, seriously fresh and seriously talking fresh asparagus for a dollar! weird, then pop in next door to the oldest functioning cinema in the state! i love elmhurst

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          I think the place on 82nd St in Elmhurst is called Mango Rico. It's open 24 hours a day - can't beat that either. This week I've gotten very crunchy apples, nice watercress, juicy lemons, those small crisp cucumbers -- all super cheap.

          Another good places in Jackson Heights area is Kims Brother on 37th Ave and 80th St - a tiny shop but extremely high turnover and very low prices.

        2. The Grand Army Plaza Green Market is great during spring, summer and fall. Still open during the winter, but the selection isn't as good. Also, the Park Slope Food Coop has excellent produce, but you need to be a member to shop.

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            Oddly enough, the miniscule farmer's market at 3rd st. and 5th avenue (only open during the spring, summer and fall), which only has two farm stands, nevertheless gets excellent produce from those two stands. By no means a destination, but if you're within walking distance and overslept on Saturday - my recurring problem - it's a great resource to be able to get whatever is local and in season. I grew up in rural Massachusetts surrounded by farmstands, and never in my life have I had better tomatoes than I got from that farmer's market last August.

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              I'm a Park Slope Food Coop member because of the best produce at best prices year-round.
              But I think Evolutionary Organics at the Saturday GAP Greenmarket has the bar none best greens -- sprouts, salad microgreens, astonishingly fresh and so delicious. Not cheap, but great. I love when she has pea shoots...

            2. 3 Guys from Brooklyn, 65th and Ft Hamilton Pkwy