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Mar 19, 2009 11:26 AM

Brockton - specific area

Only one response on the New England board so thought I would give this board a try.

Attending grand-daughther's gymnastics event this coming Saturday and do not know the area where the event is at all. Hoping someone can help me locate a restaurant near the event or off Rte 24 headed back toward Boston.

Event is at a building off W. Chestnut near something called Cirelli's Foods. Sounds like an industrial area. Taking Rte 123 off of Rte 24 to get to it.

Will be three adults and a 12 year old at about 7:oo pm.

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  1. Hey, I go to Stonehill College in the Easton/Brockton area right off 123. Not sure if its quite the area you are asking for but I hope it helps. Here are some of the places to eat around there:
    Stoneforge Grill: Probably the best food in the are, new-american with some twists semi-casual
    Fresh Catch: If your interested in seafood this is a great option, they also have a good sushi bar.
    There is also a 99 and a Bertucci's in the area if your looking for quicker/cheaper meals

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      I would go along with the Stoneforge recommendation. Nice atmosphere, good apps and love the portabella pasta shells with chicken.

    2. Cafe Bene/Pasta bene is always good (although I haven't bene in a while :)

      1. Doyle's Bar and Grill on Route 138 in Easton is a family-friendly place with a comfortable dining room and decent food for the most part. Their pizza is excellent, and I've heard that their steak tips are as well.

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          Just don't get the seafood pie at Doyle's it was horrid. Decent pizza and pub grub though

        2. If you are adventurous, try Pho So No.1 in Stoughton, off Route 24. Really excellent Vietnamese soups; it's in a shopping plaza next to the high school. There are other reference s on the board to it as well.

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            I love Pho So 1. It's actually in Randolph, about a mile east of the Stoughton border.

            Pho So 1 Boston
            51 Memorial Pkwy, Randolph, MA 02368

          2. Thanks for all your responses. Because of the 12 year old and the proximity to Rte 24 will probably opt for the 99. Checked out some of the other menus and they did look interesting. Thanks again.