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Mar 19, 2009 10:58 AM

San Marzano or 6 in 1 canned Tomatoes

Where in the West San Fernando valley, thousand oaks/agoura or oxnard area can I find San Marzano canned tomatoes from Italy, or 6 in 1 canned tomatoes? TIA

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  1. If there's a Whole Foods near you, they carry it. Also - believe it or not - I found San Marzano tomatoes at Long's Drugs.

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    1. Hit the "contact" button at the 6 in 1 Web site ( ), and you'll get a form for submitting questions. I did that the other day for a similar thread ( ) on the California board and received the information I needed within a few days.

      1. If you really need them to be from Italy, watch out for this brand:

        I don't actually mind that they are grown in the US. They are great as are the Muir Glen tomatoes. But I'm sure that dishonest labeling lets them get away with charging an extra buck per can.

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          You nailed it, Frommtron. As I said in a previous thread, they're grown in the U. S. from San Marzano seeds. They aren't bad, but I forgot to mention that the whole tomatoes are much firmer than canned Italian San Marzanos. So if you're planning to make a smooth sauce by pushing them through a food mill or strainer, you'll do better starting with the crushed version.

          However, I don't buy them anymore, because they aren't as sweet and tomatoey as the Italian products, and I don't like the dishonest labeling.

        2. Italia Deli & Bakery

          Los Angeles Area - 5657 Kanan Rd, Agoura, CA 91301, USA - Conejo Valley

          (818) 991-4838