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Mar 19, 2009 10:54 AM

Taboule on Yonge

Any recent comment? Thanks!

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  1. I go pretty often.
    One of the few places I can get good (for this city) Levantine food, wish they'd expand their menu but I guess I shouldn't complain.

    My only gripe, and it is minor, is that their site says they have kunafa b'jibn but every single time I've been they only have kunafa ashta.

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    1. re: radiopolitic

      I googled " kunafa b'jibn" and the only hits were Toronto based. Is this name an invention by the restaurant? Nothing wrong with that, I was just trying to analyse the name.

      1. re: Paulustrious

        radiopolitic can probably explain this in more detail... but from what I know, 'kunafe' is used to refer to the dessert itself, and 'jibn' (cheese) or 'ishta' (cream) are appended to the name to designate which filling is being used.

        (You'll get more hits on google if you use the spelling 'kanafeh' btw...)

        1. re: Paulustrious

          dxs basically summed it up.

          The desert itself goes under a variety of names - Knafe, Knafeh, Knafa, Kunefe, Kanafe, Kunafa etc but they're all the same idea. In the Levantine area there are four basic ways of preparing it a 'crisp' and a 'soft' version which can have either cheese or cream in it. The jibn variety uses the cheese which authentically is supposed to be "Nablusi" style cheese for this region whereas the ashta (ishta, eshta) is done with a cream filling. The 'softness' or 'crispness' that I refer to is in regards to how well done it is.

          My personal favourite is jibn, crisp.

      2. I've been many times before the reno and was always a fan. I finally got around to trying them post-renovation - lunch last week and take-out a few weeks before that. Both were good experiences - same quality food and friendly service. I highly recommend the lentil soup, cauliflower with tahini, haloum salad, falafel salad (prefer the smaller falafels in the salad to the larger ones you get when you order the plate - better crispy outside to filling ratio), house rice and hummus (with or without pine nuts or meat). The tomatoes didn't wow quite as much as I remember. I also tried the little Lebanese sausages - spicy and pretty good but not as much of a highlight as the other dishes. PS - in case you're looking it up, the spelling is Tabule.

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        1. re: peppermint pate

          I'll throw in a hearty second for Tabule. Love, love, love the fried cauliflower and most of the appetizers and salads (many of which are listed by PP above). I'm sad to hear the tomatoes aren't as good, I loved eating those with the rice.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            It may have been an off day. And they were still good but just not as good as I had remembered them (though much of the menu and presumably recipes were transferred from Jerusalem on Eglinton, this was always the one dish I thought had been better at Jerusalem).

        2. I haven't been in a year or so, but I've had some really great meals there and I echo the positive statements from the other posters. The Falafel salad being one of my favorites as well.

          1. Was there a couple of weeks back and they were pretty good. Ordered the Kubbe (reminded me of somosas), kefta kabab and lamb kebab. Kefta was fine, the lamb was a touch overcooked to what I ordered and Ontario lamb is just too mild for me (but I was told before hand it was Ontario so no fault of theirs). The rice was delicious! Which is so uncommon, most restaurants are terrible at preparing rice. Their portions are quite large, both had leftovers from our main that we took home for lunch. I really enjoyed their baklava. I have only tried baklava a handful of times (because I thought I didn't like it), but this was the best I've tasted.

            Peppermint Pate...did they change ownership?

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            1. re: Apprentice

              I agree with all the previous posters. The rice is good, as are most of the other menu items I've had -- also love the fattoush (sp?) salad, the garlic shrimp, and many more.

              I note that we had to entertain recently on a Friday evening so I had no time to prepare food after work. Instead, we ordered in from Tabule and had a tonne of yummy food for a really reasonable price (I'm considering never cooking for company again!).

              1. re: Apprentice

                No ownership change. I assume you're refererring to my Jerusalem comment above - the owner of Tabule, Diana, used to work at Jerusalem on Eglinton. A number of the dishes were the same on both menus, including the fried garlic tomatoes - to my palate, all of the dishes were tastier at Tabule (and ambiance is better) except for the tomatoes, which I preferred at Jerusalem. Hummus was a tie.

              2. I do really enjoy Tabule! Great service and tasty grape vine leaves. Mmm.