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Mar 19, 2009 10:39 AM

Dos Caminos, why so popular

Visiting son this past weekend. I let him make the reservation because he liked Dos Caminos and wanted to bring Mom and Dad. We had a 8:00 PM reservation at the Park Ave. location. We were promptly seated in the front room which was incredibly noisy but they found us a nice table in the back room which was far better. The restaurant remained packed from the time we got there until the time we left around 9:30 but I do not understand why. I found the food to be very average and overpriced for the quality. We started with the guacamole which I found to be over-salted and edible only because we were hungry. My wife ordered a shrimp with garlic dish, my son ordered a salmon dish and I ordered the 3 course meal off the special restaurant week menu. All of the dishes were fairly bland and not very interesting or complex. In addition, I ordered 2 cocktails which tasted like straight fruit juice at $12 a pop. The only positive was that the service was outstanding, we had a very pleasant and professional waitress. In the end, about $210 including the tip. Not sure what all the buzz was about?

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  1. Not very popular place on this board. It's part of the B.R. Guest marketing machine...

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      Agreed. Plenty of mediocre reviews on this board, including my own.

    2. Who told you Dos Caminos was popular for food?

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      1. Agreed - every time I get dragged there, I end up hating it - totally mediocre food and drinks, which would be fine if it was half the price, but there's nothing worse than paying $12 for a drink (which you very accurately described as fruit juice) and $14 for 2 avocadoes mashed together with some lime and salt.

        1. I agree that Dos Caminos is overrated and overpriced (especially with respect its dinner menu and drinks), so it's popularity is a puzzle to me. But I have eaten on several occasions at the Park Avenue location for its Sunday brunch. It is consistently excellent, and this is its saving grace.

          1. only so popular to those that have nothing authentic to campare it to... br guest food is mostly ordinary. a few exceptions

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              If it's any consulation; BR Guest is very generous to non-profit charity benefit auctions donating gift certificates, usually $150.00 each. So maybe they won't get 2 or 3 stars from Bruni, but they get 5 stars from all of the charities they support, including mine.