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Mar 19, 2009 10:24 AM

Cheap Midtown West Birthday Lunch

I want to take a friend to lunch for her birthday tomorrow somewhere near where I work (50th and 6th ave). I have an hour or so to eat so it can't be too far. We eat everything but I'd like to keep it in the under $15 each (no alcohol, before tax/tip) category. Thai, Pizza, Japanese, Italian, whatever...


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  1. Men Kui Tei has excellent ramen, but can be mobbed if you don't get there early enough. I also recommend Menchanko Tei (also ramen) if it's back open after the fire they had there last month; does anyone know?

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      What about Sapporo - have you been? It's right around the block and I've heard mixed reviews.

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        I would be on the down side of the mixed reviews. I think their noodles are fine but their ingredients are lacking when compared to the others.

        That said, the space is arguably nicer - at least more spacious - than the other two, so if you value comfort and can sacrifice a bit on quality, it's a fine choice. None of them are bad. I'd take a look at and read the (very thorough and photo-illustrated) reviews of all three if you're debating.

    2. If you can walk over to 9th ave you could try Roberto Passon on 9th and 50th. for $13 you get a app, entree, and a dessert. I have only been there once for lunch, but I thought everything was good. Or for Japanese you could try Shimizu on 51st between 8th and 9th.

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        I agree. If you can afford the time to walk to Roberto Passon, that's a great idea. I've enjoyed several dinners there, but would love to take advantage of the lunch deal one day.

      2. There's also Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien. I'm having a birthday burger there myself.

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          If you go to burger joint, get there early! I went last week at 11:45, and was able to waltz in and grab a table. But by noon the line was out the door, and shortly thereafter extended into the lobby.

        2. You'll be able to find something here: Good luck.